Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Go Modular With Your Office Training Room!

If your business hasn't gone modular yet, there's definitely a long way to go! For those of you getting ready for an office makeover, now is the perfect time to see what your training room could be. In today's article, we'll be highlighting all the benefits of great modular office tables, such as versatility and ease of use. We'll even throw in some clever chair recommendations to help you choose the right style. Enjoy the article!

What is Modular?

"Modular" design refers to the ease-of-use concept employed by many of the best office furniture brands on the market today. The idea is to create furniture that's versatile, stylish, and adaptable to multiple environments and situations. Desks, workstations, and tables can all employ modular design in order to maximize office productivity. In desks and workstations, modular design often requires that all desks, drawers, and storage cabinets by arranged around the user, keeping everything within arms reach. With tables like the BK156F Bungee Table by Global Total Office, reconfigurability is the key. This adaptable training room table can be rearranged and assembled in all sorts of layouts for use in conference rooms or training areas.

* Chair Recommendation: For those considering the Bungee tables for their office, we find the best looking chair to go with them is often the 5331-4-UB Supra computer chair by Global, available in multiple colors!


In today's competitive business market, versatility is definitely one thing that can't be sacrificed. Fortunately, with discount modular training tables, your office can stay head of the pack! One of the best things about modular tables is that they are perfect for a room of many titles. In small offices where the training area, the conference room, and the project room might be one and the same, modular tables that can adapt and change to suit the needs of every environment are invaluable. Tables like the M2448T Meeting Plus training table by Mayline use ganging brackets to connect and built longer tables should the need arise. On their own, they make ideal desks. Connected together, they would make an excellent classroom or makeshift conference table for a quick meeting!

* Chair Recommendation: For those Meeting Plus training table, quality mesh training chairs are our recommendation. The ME! MM5031HR folding training chair is a perfect choice.

Wiggle Room

In a tight office, nothing is more appreciated than a little wiggle room. Whether you want to outfit a classroom, break room, or office training area, modular training tables are often the best thing for an office that's short on space. Tables like the ones from the Mayline Flip-N-Go series, such as the LF1872 model, can be flipped up and stored away to save space when not in use. The tables can nest together for compact storage, and are large enough on their own for multiple users during meetings.

* Chair Recommendations: For the Mayline Flip-N-Go Series, we recommend the TSH1 Valore mesh chair by Mayline. Valore chairs are available in numerous colors as well as a high back mesh chair and mid back mesh chair design.

Easy To Clean

To top it all off, not only are modular tables easy to connect, store, and use - they are also a dream to clean! With the ability to flip up and stow away, reaching the floor is a cinch! However, if you'd rather not go through all the trouble of folding up your tables just to mop or use the vacuum, there are tables with sleek enough designs to clean around. One example is the Mayline Sync table series. Resting on casters, this convenient modular table series can easily roll out of the way of cleaners. There is also plenty of clearance space to get around the table legs. Stunning as they are by themselves, in a clean office, they absolutely shine!

* Chair Recommendations: For the Mayline Sync Series, we recommend the 1899 Roma Nesting chair by Global Total Office. With the capacity to nest for easy storage, and roll out of the way on casters, neat freaks will appreciate this convenient-to-clean-around chair!
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