Friday, September 19, 2014

Go Retro with Woodstock Hendrix Chairs!

For those that want to make over their office in a look that can't be forgotten, nothing says "style" like retro! There's a reason the vintage theme has always been so prevalent, and that is because it offers looks we never get tired of. In the office furniture world, the brand responsible for keeping designers up to date on the styles of yesterday is Woodstock Marketing. And with their affordable Hendrix chair series, shoppers can cash in on the vintage look without the vintage price!


Anyone in search of a rock-'n-roll look for their home or business office would be ecstatic with any of Woodstock's vintage-styled seating options. With a name like Woodstock, it's no surprise to learn that this company prides itself on capturing the essence of musical greats, and the Hendrix collection is no different. These retro leather desk chairs provide the prefect blend of professionalism, old-school, and modern. The boxy square-shaped seat cushions allude to popular styles of ages long past, while the colorful leather upholsteries and chrome frames fit easily with today's modern furniture trends.


Available in both high back and mid back stylings, Hendrix chairs by Woodstock offer plenty of versatility for the diverse office. Not only are they available in all the top trending upholstery colors of today, but these chairs were designed with enough wiggle room to fit in with desks, executive or office reception decor, and furniture for conference rooms as well. They are the perfect multifunction task chairs with designer appeal to fit in just about anywhere.


At first glance, Hendrix chairs may appear to be all looks and no functionality, but looks can be deceiving. Actually, the Hendrix series by Woodstock incorporates plenty of ergonomic benefits into their vintage designs.  High back models, like the Hendrix-HB-BR brown leather retro chair, are equipped with adjustable tilt tension, tilt locks, and a memory foam seat for added comfort. Generous dimensions accompany both sizes for a comfortable seat to see users through those long meetings. It's hard to find comfortable leather chairs with ergonomic features at competitive prices. Don't miss out on a great deal!


In terms of their price tags, Hendrix chairs are extremely competitive. Of course, high back models are slightly more expensive than their mid back counterparts, but compared with chairs of similar styles and features, the Hendrix series stays on top of it's game. Woodstock pricing for Hendrix chairs appears about average, but all the comfortable ergonomic benefits and classic styling makes these chairs an excellent deal. We recommend shopping with a reputable office furniture dealer to save even more.

Final Grade

Taking into account looks, comfort, ergonomic features, and price, it's hard not to give the Hendrix series a full five star rating. For what they cost, this series is an absolute steal - especially during a time when the retro look is in! Interior designers will love the unique blend of past and future in the chairs' design, and users are sure to appreciate the comfortable benefits offered for a discount price. Thankfully, this collection offers models in white, brown, black, and even popular gray office chairs to appeal to modern tastes.

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