Thursday, September 11, 2014

Maximize Your Lobby Potential With An Effective Furniture Layout!

All too often businesses feel they are in need of more space to seat lobby guests and improve decor. However, this is commonly the cause of a poor furniture and seating layout. While your typical lounge furniture setups including a sofa, love seat, and settee look great, they are far from effective for those businesses looking to accommodate large numbers of guests while staying up to date with the latest design trends! In today's post we'll highlight popular seating layouts, product suggestions, and configuration ideas to help any business maximize seating potential and style!

Perimeter Seating Layout

Perimeter SeatingUNO Lobby SeatingThe perimeter seating layout provides an open feel by utilizing the lobby border. This popular layout can be achieved by using gang style guest seating, beam chairs, and even individual lounge chairs for added comfort. Simply measure the perimeter of your space to determine the number of chairs that will fit effectively and proceed accordingly. If your space is not in the form of a basic rectangle, you may need to consider using modular seating like the UNO series from OFM to flow with the curvature of your space. Add stylish accent tables to the center of your seating configuration for enhanced corporate appeal.

Horizontal Seating Rows

Horizontal Rows of Beam SeatingThis popular lobby seating style is great way to maximize the number of guests that can sit comfortably within a space. The horizontal rows can be configured using bench style seating in a back to back approach. If space is limited, you may not have the ability to add tables between each row. That being said, using a beam seating configuration with integrated tables will show your design ingenuity and visitor appreciation to perfection. Brands like OFM and Global Total Office offer a wide range of versatile product solutions for businesses looking to take the horizontal seating approach.

Vertical Seating Rows

Airport Terminal SeatingVertical Rows of Beam SeatingDepending on the entry points of your lobby, the horizontal guest seating approach may not be visually appealing to your or your guests. If this is the case, using a vertical row system may be a better fit for your specific needs. The same general layout theory applies with using beam style seating in a back to back system. The vertical row seating layout is typically seen in travel terminal and healthcare environments as it provides a pleasing look from multiple angles.

Bistro Style Layout

Lobby BistroBistro Seating LayoutThis trending lobby furniture layout style consists of round or square top tables surrounded by stand alone guest chairs. The bistro look offers a pleasing visual presence and works great in hotel lobby applications. A bistro layout provides families a way to sit privately without disturbing other guests along with the table space needed to eat, converse, and operate those smart devices we are all guilty of using regularly! To create a bistro style layout, measure your space effectively to determine your areas square footage. Work with a designer or industry professional to determine the maximum number of tables and chairs will fit comfortably. Add a few basic accent and voila! You have a trend setting space that's sure to impress your valued visitors.

Cafe Style Layout

Cafe Furniture LayoutSimilar to the bistro layout highlighted above, the cafe configuration utilizes tables and chairs spaced effectively to create a cutting edge guest waiting environment. The cafe system uses bar height tables or pub tables to create a swanky vibe that works well in modern lobby applications. Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and OFM offer super cool tables and bar stools that make the cafe layout work to perfection. If you're going for high end appeal, the cafe layout is a great way to achieve your aesthetic goals. Interior design teams and industry professionals alike are regularly recommending this popular lobby makeover theme.

Modular Layout

Modular Lobby Furnituremodular lobby layoutIf you're outfitting a large lobby area, going modular with your design is just plain smart! The use of modular lounge chairs, mobile guest chairs, and flip top tables will provide your business with the ability to reconfigure quickly and easily when needed. This layout style provides a wide range of benefits that will allow your business to easily experiment with what type of layout works best. If you like the idea and ability to quickly change your lobby presence, a modular layout may be right for your business. The industries top brands are in a steady race to create versatile furniture solutions that move and adjust quickly to accommodate guests when needed. Incorporating a modular layout into your lobby provides unmatched versatility!
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