Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Office Design: The Top 3 Items Every Office Must Have

Office design is a tricky thing, and it's not always easy to know where to start. That's why this article is all about office must haves! Today, we'll be rounding off the top three things every office environment needs to succeed. Just start with these items and work your way up from there. Before you know it, your office, cubicle, or conference area will be rockin' modern style, and you can rest assured knowing it's prepared for anything!

Everyday Office

Everyday Office- Modular Desk
- Ergonomic Office Chair
- Plenty of Storage

Whether it's at home or in an office building, the everyday office is almost always the easiest to decorate. However, it's important to remember that storage space, desks with modular design, and chairs with ergonomic benefits are absolute must haves for those that spend all day in this space. Obviously, ergonomic chairs prevent health risks like back pain and joint problems. Modular desks, on the other hand, keep everything within arms reach of the user. Thanks to diverse brand names, modular desks and ergonomic chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to meet decor needs. Just make sure your space has plenty of drawers, cabinets, and shelving for storage, and your place is ready to roll!


- Ergonomic Chair
- Proper Lighting
- Ergonomic Computer Accessories

In most cases, cubicle instruments are provided by the company, not the user. However, not all users are created equal, and some individuals may have unique health concerns or work habits not supported by company-provided furniture. That's why we recommend users choose their own seating, lighting  arrangements and accessories when working in a cubicle. Choosing healthy mid back chairs with ergonomic features lets users adjust their chairs for themselves. In addition, customizable office accessories, like desk lamps, retractable keyboard trays and articulating computer monitor arms, allow users to meet their own needs. These ergonomic devices are not only convenient, but they also promote healthier work habits. When used properly, slouching, eye strain, and decreased blood circulation will be a thing of the past!

Conference Room

Conference Room- Modular Table
- Good Conference Chairs
- Presentation Aids 

As the place where business owners play host to executives from other companies, there's a lot that rides on conference room curb appeal. Designs should not only be professional, but reflect company ideals and attitudes as well. For those on a budget, a good modular conference table is always a necessity. Tables that reconfigure and offer power capabilities equip the conference room to double as a work area, meeting room, or project center for employees when corporate guests aren't around. Stylish leather meeting chairs and presentation aids like whiteboards and projectors allow for easy idea sharing in an environment that maximizes workplace comfort.

Reception Area

Reception Area
- Reception Tables
- Comfortable, Appropriate Seating
- Reception Desks

Reception areas are a company's first impression on guests (and you know what they say about first impressions)! In this sense, it's important to cater to guests with comfortable chairs appropriate for your business needs. Thankfully, there are tons of reception seating options out there. Luxury, mesh, fabric, and convenient beam seating all have great waiting room potential. Never forget that guests need a place to put things too - you can never have a reception area without coffee and end tables. A noticeable reception desk by the entrance lets visitors know your company wants to help. And if you have time left over, entertainment in the form of magazines, wall art, or a television set are necessary to occupy guests until they're called.

Break Room

Break Room
- Table Sets
- Refrigerator
- Microwave
- (Coffee Machine)

Finally, we get to the break room. Unfortunately, the favorite room in the office is often the most looked over in terms of style. However, as the place where most everyone sits down for a bite to eat, even this room has some basic requirements. Obviously break room table sets are a must. Where else would you hear about all the office gossip if not in the break room, right? Additionally, a refrigerator and microwave for the bag-lunchers are a must have too. Shop by bargains, and you may still have enough cash left over for some plastic utensils and the most non-optional of all office supplies - the coffee machine.
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