Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Office Design Trends: Fall 2014

It's been an exciting year in the world of office furniture. The industries hottest brands have introduced an abundance of new products designed to improve aesthetic appeal while make those long days at the office a bit more bearable! In today's post we'll highlight the top design trends as we head into the fall season. Enjoy!

Trend 1: Gray Laminate Finishes

Gray Office Furniture

Whether you're making over your home or business work environment, you're bound to run into a wide variety of gray laminate finished desks this fall. Collections like the Mayline Medina line and the Global Total Office Zira line offer a wide range of gray tones that are trending in a major way. Finishes like Gray Steel, Absolute Acajou, and several others are ideal for creating office spaces that stand apart from the competition.

Trend 2: Metal Accented Desks

Metal Accented Desks

Desks with metal accents offer a cutting edge contemporary feel that's on a dramatic upswing in popularity. This modern yet industrial look is showcased to perfection on lines like the Napoli collection from Mayline. Additional collections featuring metal accented office desks include the e5, Zira, and Medina lines.

Trend 3: Metal Accented Conference Tables

Conference Table with Metal Legs

Like with desks, using metal accents on conference tables has become incredibly popular. Lines like the Alba collection from Global Total Office and Mystic collection from Lesro Industries are sure to impress in professional meeting areas. Conference room tables with metal bases provide a more open feel and are often far less expensive than comparable models with drum and cylinder style wood bases.

Trend 4: U Shaped Reception Desks

2 Person U Shaped Reception Desk

In order to maximize worksurface and storage space in office reception areas, U shaped reception desk styles are becoming more and more common. Collections like Amber from Cherryman Industries offer modular U shaped stations that provide plenty of room to operate. Both single and 2 person reception desk styles can be easily configured. The U shaped reception desk design looks great from nearly every angle and is sure to boost your corporate waiting area appeal.

Trend 5: Ribbed Back Office Chairs

Ribbed Back Office Chair

Ribbed back office chairs offer a sleek modern design with horizontal stitching patterns. This look can be seen in office chairs from brands like Ergo Contract Furniture, Flash Furniture, Offices To Go, and several others. The ribbed back look works great in meeting areas as the space saving designs allow businesses to accommodate more guests comfortably without looking over crowded. Ribbed back office chairs start around $150 for professional quality models and can be purchased in popular color options like black, white, gray, and brown.

Trend 6: Powered Boardroom Tables

Powered Conference Room Tables

Create a high powered multi media boardroom this fall and stay in line with out number 6 trend! Conference room and boardroom tables outfitted with power modules are sure to improve your meeting area effectiveness. Brands like Lesro, Global Total Office, Cherryman Industries, and Mayline are all offering popular conference tables with factory installed power ports. While basic modules with three prong cords and phone inputs are the most commonly used, custom ports can be installed with HDMI, Audio, and USB inputs.

Trend 7: Modular Training Room Tables

Modular Training Tables

Using modular tables is just plain smart. While fixed leg training area work tables will always have their place, the trending modular styles of today are far superior. The ability to quickly connect tables together, flip tops to save space, and roll tables around to avoid lifting makes this trend one to worth following. If you'd like to see this trend in all it's glory, check out lines like the Sync collection from Mayline and Bungee collection from Global Total Office. You'll be glad you did!
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