Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What's Hot: Cherryman Reception Desks

Cherryman Industries offers 5 of the industries top office furniture collections. All of these stylish lines include trend setting reception area desks for both modern and traditional work environments. In today's blog post we'll be highlighting several of the most popular reception stations on the market from Cherryman. Enjoy!

Verde Reception Desk

There's not many furniture lines anywhere near the cool factor of the Cherryman Verde collection. This innovative line boasts a wide range of desks, storage products, and conference tables that are sure to wow your office guests. That being said, the reception stations featured in the Verde collection are taking this line to a whole new level. With a variety of rectangular and L shaped models available in two finish options, Verde reception stations are nothing short of impressive.


2 Person Reception Desk

The Amber collection is Cherryman's most affordable caegoods line. In 2014 the Amber line received a makeover with the addition of new products, handles, and finish options that have instantly boosted it's popularity. New reception desks like the AM-403N have become an instant favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. These 2 person reception desk solutions feature a rectangular design with plenty of storage and worksurface space.

Emerald Reception Desk

Those going for a more traditional look will love the best selling reception desks from the Cherryman Emerald collection. This wood veneer office furniture line is available in two stunning finish options. Emerald series reception desks offer luxurious design characteristics that are sure to help any business create a sophisticated guest welcoming area. Emerald reception stations are a bit more pricey than most of the everyday units on the market, but offer the quality craftsmanship and elegant details law firms, real estate agencies, and fortune 500 businesses desire.

Jade Reception Desk JA-124N

The perfect combination of modern and traditional appeal. The Cherryman Jade reception desk collection combines wood veneer work surfaces with optional glass transaction counters and storage components to form one of the hottest lines on the market. Units like the JA-124N are available in a choice of 2 stunning finish options and can be used in nearly any work environment to perfection. Both rectangular and L shaped reception desk solutions are available from this stunning collection.

Cherryman Reception Desks

Simple, stylish, and effective are the best three words to describe the Ruby series reception desks from Cherryman Industries. These rectangular and L shaped stations offer a classic look that's sure to always be in style. Ruby series stations are selling in abundance in 2014 as many businesses are steering away from the overly modern and traditional trends in search of a more well rounded look. Models like the RU-223N include a spacious return with plenty of work surface space along with 2 desk pedestals to help any receptionist stay well organized.
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