Wednesday, October 15, 2014

7 Cool Office Chairs of the Past

It's no secret: Retro is in! Everywhere, office interior designers are turning back the pages of time to bring old-school style to the modern office. For anyone who wants to outfit their workplace in a makeover with vintage style chairs and furniture, this article is definitely for you. Here, we're showcasing the top office chairs from every era, so you can choose a favorite and get your retro office rolling. Enjoy!

Old School 

Many of us think of the 40s as our grandparents' time, but for classy modern executives, nothing says "elegance" like a chair modeled after the ones from 1940! 40s style retro has been making a huge comeback in recent years, especially in home office design. Harry Bertoia is the visionary sculptor whom everyone can thank for the unique wire guest chairs for reception areas and waiting rooms. When Bertoia joined Charles Eames in the late 40s, his designs became extremely popular with museums and art lovers all over the world. Today, fans of Bertoia's work love Woodstock Marketing's latest rendition. Their vintage wire Bertoia chair series, including the TheWho-LC-8300 chair, and Santana-CT2102A wire coffee table are classic furniture fan favorites!

The Hot Rod

Back in the 1950s, it was furniture icon Shaw Walker who had all the visions for tomorrow. Back then,  Shaw Walker chairs were the face of the future, but today, they are our stylish vision of the past. The cool 1950s chairs featured above have been refurbished with new fabrics and features to make them practical for the modern office, but originals would have been clad in colored leathers, fabrics, and vinyls for incredible style. If you love this look, but can't afford an original, no worries! Chairs like the 9663-52 Global Minotaur retro office drafting chair, and the 200-DK retro swivel chair by OFM offer similar stylings for old-school office appeal!

The Original "Cool!"

The slang term "cool" was originally started in the 50s, but it wasn't until the 60s that "cool" became one of the most widespread words in the English language, and it was also the 60s that gave us so many of the coolest retro styles we know and love today! A quick internet search of 1960s chairs will lead you to pages of seating you'd swear was the hottest new thing on the market. For that, we can thank Charles and Ray Eames for being the geniuses behind timeless 1960s furniture design. Chairs like the ones featured above were just as popular in the 60s as they are in 2014. With segmented cushions, big buttons, a comfortable feel, and fabulous chrome, the look has remained ageless. For those in love with this style, the 11648 segmented cushion chair by Offices To Go is a great option!


Much like 1960s chairs, chairs of the 70s have also made a comeback with the retro craze. These groovy seating solutions often boasted sharp curves and circular designs rather than lines and angles. The chairs were more about comfort during this era, with colorful cushions and unique appeal. The 70s era brought about the need for alternative guest seating, which is part of why visitors chairs like the 8622 Marche Guest Chair by Global are so popular. For those in search of a rock 'n roll appeal for their home or business office, retro Woodstock Marketing chairs offer all sorts of excellent 1970s styled models to get your groove on!

Like, Totally Tubular!

The 1980s marked the beginning of the digital age, and the dawn of office life as we know it today. As a result, the chairs of this decade became very computer oriented. The beginning of the ergonomics movement was huge in the 80s and 90s, and we can thank these two decades for giving us the comfortable, highly adjustable chairs that keep us comfortable all day long. In the 1980s, Wilkahn chairs led the pack with innovative materials, sturdy design, and some of the first ergonomic features on the market. Today, fans of this style need only to shop top modern ergonomic chairs to benefit from fabulous 1980s chair innovation!
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