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7 Fun Halloween Theme Party Ideas for Your Office

Break out the pumpkins, the tricks, and the treats - Halloween is just around the corner! In the office, this fun holiday is usually the perfect opportunity to dress up, get together with coworkers, and express yourself at work. Making memories is a big part of building lasting relationships that can hold the office together during bleaker times, and after all the hard work you've put in this year, a party is the best way to celebrate. Enjoy these tips on fun, office friendly Halloween party themes for the workplace!

Dress Things Up!

Halloween Kids

What's a Halloween party without costumes? Even if your office is a little more conservative, no one will fault you for some pumpkins on your socks or little spider earrings - it is Halloween after all. Always remember that work is a professional environment, regardless of the occasion, but a little freedom here and there will help to keep things fun and lighthearted. See if you can get the boss's permission to dress up for the holiday with your coworkers. It will be a funny surprise for any visitors lounging on lobby guest chairs who aren't suspecting a thing. A dress code will help to keep everyone's costumes in check.

Tricks Or Treats?

Halloween Decor

Whipped Cream Coffee GhostsIt isn't a party without food! The only problem is, at a Halloween party, we can't always tell the difference between tricks and treats. Hopefully your coworkers won't be able to tell the difference either! Regardless of the theme you choose, we believe a few yummy Halloween-themed snacks do the job. Dress up stylish corner office desks with mugs topped by whipped-cream ghouls, or hide some plastic spiders on retractable keyboard platforms for some wicked work scares. These gentle tricks and treats are both fun and harmless enough for everyone in the office to enjoy!

Easy Whipped-Cream Coffee Ghost Recipe:

Whip up some heavy whipping cream with a blender, adding a dash of vanilla, and powdered sugar to taste, until it's fluffy. Put the contents into a plastic bag or cake decorating bag to make whipped-cream swirls on a cookie sheet. Next, use some semi-sweet chocolates to make ghostly eyes in the whipped cream, pop the tray in the freezer, and let those ghouls get nice and cold for about 2-3 hours. After the morning coffee is brewed, enjoy a sweet touch of scary with your coworkers by popping a ghost in the mug. Yum!

Halloween Horrors

Scary Halloween Decor

Now for the party themes! Of course, with a label like "Halloween Party" a lot of things come to mind. Pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, and ghouls can easily become work-friendly decor to party with in the office, but after years and years of the same cliche decorations, switching ideas up might be a fun change of pace. Get your coworkers together to vote on a Halloween Party theme. Halloween Horrors will get everyone shivering with an extra scary vibe! For this one, don't be afraid to hide mummies in the file cabinets, or fake heads on top of those fancy wood conference room tables the boss loves so much. No one will even see them coming… until it's too late! Muahahaha!

Scary Movie Theme

Hocus Pocus Movie Still

Everyone loves a classic Halloween flick. A Scary Movie Party will allow the office to embrace everything from Hocus Pocus, to Edward Scissorhands, to the Nightmare Before Christmas and more. Tell everyone to dress up as their favorite scary book or movie character for a night of Hollywood Horrors. Guests can go classical with the greats, like Nosferatu and Frankenstein, or a little more Hallo-nouveau with Buffy or the Addams family. Finally you can put those projector screens, boardroom presentation accessories, and plentiful office training room chairs to good use with a Halloween movie marathon in the conference room. Popcorn and candy corn are first-come first serve!

Get Cultural

Dia de Muerta Decor

Just about every culture has a Halloween-y sort of holiday someplace on the calendar. Why not give everyone the chance to celebrate theirs at your Halloween office event? The Human Resources Dept. will love this chance for everyone to learn about each other's backgrounds, cultural traditions, and favorite cuisines on this spooky night. Halloween-like holidays and Halloween traditions vary all around the world, both by calendar date and style of celebrating. Whether you're used to Dia de Muertos, Oban, or All Hallows Eve, this office party can will give everyone the chance to celebrate in their own ways, perhaps more than once in a year!

* Head's Up! Values and traditions vary widely. Be sure to send an email making sure everyone at the office is okay with this shared-culture party theme before you spread the word.

Through the Looking Glass 

Want a touch of whimsy in your life this year? Well, nothing is wackier than classic fairytales! Most folks don't realize how scary stories like Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White actually are. Why not give everyone the opportunity to find out how with a Scary Children's Story party? Draw up a list of some creepy kid's stories from the Brother's Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, William Joyce, or old-timey folktales. Let everyone in the office sign off on which one they want to dress up as. Halfway through the festivities, gather everyone together to have them tell their scary stories in the spookiest voice they can. Just watch out for whoever tells "The Tailypo." You may end up with nightmares!

Couples Costume Party

Kirk and Spock Photo by Yuna Sakuta

Have guests bring their sweeties, or coworkers dress up in teams for a unique twist on the classic couples party! There are lots of haunting Halloween duos out there: Dracula and Vampira, Frankenstein and his Bride, Mario and Princess Peach… However, if your office would rather go with coworker teams, Kirk and Spock, the Smurfs, Bert and Ernie, the Mean Girls, Lilo and Stitch, and various superheroes are some pretty non-romantic teams for keeping things neutral in the workplace. This fun idea helps build teamwork and camaraderie that will last for another year. Have everyone participate in fun teamed office activities like office chair races, or a thrilling game of trash-bin basketball to keep the fun times rolling!

We hope you've enjoyed these fun office party ideas for the workplace. Of course, remember that this is a professional environment, so dress conservatively and make sure everyone knows the dress code. Unfortunately, Halloween festivities may not be okay for everyone, so try to get okays from the majority of the office (and especially from the boss) before the party.

Wishing You All A Safe (and Spooky) Halloween
 from Office Furniture Deals! Have Fun!
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