Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall 2014: Best Selling Office Chair Styles Revealed

In a competitive business world, and office on the cutting edge of style always has a huge advantage. For those of you on the lookout for spectacular new office seating to deck out your workspace, you're in the right place! In today's article, we're rounding off the top selling chair style trends of this year to keep your office ahead of the game. Enjoy!

Ribbed Back

White Ribbed Computer Chair by OTG

Rather than going with a plain office chair, why not go with something a little more lively? There aren't many brand names out there that think to stitch patterns into their office chairs, however, it hasn't stopped ribbed back styling from skyrocketing into popularity. Chairs like the 11730-BL28 White Ribbed Computer Chair by Offices To Go have become all the rage for both home and business offices. Instead of a bland white leather, this chair creates it's own dynamic look, with shadows and shades cast by it's unique paneled stitching. Stunning, and still affordable, it's all part of the appeal of popular ribbed back styling!

Gray Leather

Gray Leather Hendrix Chair

Gray leather has been a trend for a while now, but the enthusiasm for it has never died down. Although black and white leather office chairs are popular too, oftentimes the high contrast can be a little too much for an office that wants visual subtlety. Adding stylish gray office chairs for home and business provides the perfect balance. Woodstock Marketing provides plenty of excellent chair options with gray leather upholsteries to entice viewers.

All Mesh

Cannes Chair by Ergo Concepts

You've probably heard of mesh back chairs, but what about all mesh chairs? That's right! Our favorite breathable fabric has grown in popularity enough for manufacturers to design chairs solely around this unique material. Mesh fabric is a favorite of users in warm climates. Greater air flow helps prevent the buildup of heat and germs on the user, keeping them cool and healthy! Now, with chairs like the Cannes by Ergo Contract Furniture and the Baez by Woodstock, users can enjoy the benefits of mesh upholstery on the whole chair, not just the back. Shop popular mesh office chairs in all shapes, sizes, and colors, nearly always for a much lower price than traditional models.


Mid Back Hendrix Chair by Woodstock

There's a reason retro never gets old - because it's always in style! It's no secret that retro tables, chairs, and furniture have taken off in the design world. Adding a retro chair to a desk or office space will definitely turn heads. In a professional business setting, retro stylings can offer just the right personal touch to keep visitors at ease. In fact, many shoppers often like to knock out three style trends in one with popular Hendrix chairs by Woodstock Marketing. Available in both mid back and high back designs, such as the Hendrix-HB-GR retro leather chair, Hendrix chairs bring together a cool gray color, leather upholstery, and retro appeal for maximum style!

Segmented Cushion

Segmented Cushion Chair

And last but not least, we leave you with segmented cushion chairs as our last popular chair trend for the year. For those unimpressed by the lack of stuffing in a conventional chair, nothing is better than a comfortable segmented cushion chair like the 11648B by Offices To Go. Like ribbed back chairs, segmented cushion seats offer eye catching appeal through unique stitching patterns, but this time, stitching serves more than a cosmetic purpose. With chairs like this, cushions are separated, providing excellent style and superior comfort for a long day at work.

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