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Office FAQ: Selecting The Perfect Conference Table

Zira Conference Table

Selecting the perfect conference table might seem like a daunting task. However, this process can actually be fun and enjoyable if you know the answers to the important questions! In today's post we'll highlight the most frequently asked questions by conference room table shoppers to help you make an informed purchasing decision for your business. Enjoy!

Q: What size table is right for me?

It's no secret that conference room tables come in a variety of sizes. To determine which table is best for your space, you must first obtain accurate dimensions of your area. Be sure to notate the electrical outlets, windows, and entry ways. On average, you'll want to leave a minimum of 3 to 4 feet of space around your table to prevent over crowding. This should also help you leave the space needed for wall cabinets, chairs, and accessories. Typically 6 and 8 foot long conference tables are the most commonly purchased for office meeting areas.

Q: How many people will fit at my table?

The second most common question asked by conference table shoppers is: "How many people will fit at my table?" First and foremost, you'll want to have an idea on how many guests you need to accommodate at any particular time. Next, a simple 3' formula will help you determine how many guests can be seated comfortably at any table. Consider that each conference room guest will require 3' of space to operate effectively in their chair. With that in mind, we can easily determine that a 6' conference table will seat 2 users per side comfortably. If you are in need of addition seating, consider adding 1 chair on each end of the table. Using this same method we can determine that a 12' conference table will comfortably seat 4 users per side for a total of 8. Be sure to take into account the dimensions of your office chairs before selecting your table! Some chairs are wider than others and should be accounted for accordingly.

Q: What table shapes are most popular?

The most popular conference room table shapes include rectangular, oval, boat, and round. While selecting a shape is primarily based on your individual style preferences it's important to note that trends are emerging in 2014 that shoppers will want to take note of. While the shapes mentioned above will always have their place in the boardroom, innovative elliptical and V shaped conference table models are becoming incredibly popular.

Q: What brands are most popular?

You can never go wrong with any of the 5 key industry players when it comes to selecting conference room furniture for your business. Mayline, Global Total Office, OFM, Cherryman, and HON all offer excellent product lines that include stylish conference tables and the matching accessories needed to create a cohesive look withing your space.

Q: Which finish should I choose?

When selecting a furniture finish for your boardroom consider important factors like the paint color used in your space as well as the accent furnishings that will be surrounding your table. Meeting with an interior design can help, but is also a bit costly for the average consumer. This year gray wood tones and dark wood tones are trending in a major way. Collections like the Medina from Mayline and Zira from Global Total Office will give you a great idea about where the industry is headed. If you are designing your boardroom from the ground up, be sure to choose furniture from a full service collection. This will allow you to focus on 1 main finish as opposed to the mix and match approach that often leaves shoppers disappointed. Finish samples should always be obtained from your dealer of choice to help you in the decision process. They are typically free so request as many as you like! Remember, this is an investment that you will be looking at on a regular basis. Select the finish that best represents you and your business best.

Q: Should I choose a powered conference table?

Powered conference tables are definitely where the industry is headed. If you feel that the ability to quickly plug and play devices into your tables worksurface will be beneficial, than a powered conference table is likely the right choice for your business. If your meeting area is typically not used for multi media presentations, than a powered conference table may be a bit over the top. That being said, if you want to get the most out of your boardroom, a conference table outfitted with power modules will certainly put you on the right track!

Q: How hard is installation?

Conference tables are probably the most simple piece of office furniture to install. In most cases table tops attach easily to bases and can be assembled within 30 minutes. You'll definitely want to have at least 2 people on the project for safety. Be sure to account for debris and packaging materials as conference tables are typically packed extremely well to ensure no damage during transit. If you feel a conference table install is a bit out of your league, you dealer of choice should be able to easily provide installation resources in your area for help. While this process may be simple for some, others want a hands free approach. Installation instructions can also be provided for any table before you purchase. This may help you determine which path to conference room perfection is right for you and your business!

Q: How long will it take to receive my table?

This common question is solely based on the manufacturer you choose. Brands like Mayline, Offices To Go, OFM, and Cherryman Industries all offer in stock conference tables that typically ship within 3 business days. If you want a bit more snazzy conference table you may be looking at an extended leaded time. Brands like Global make their tables to order and take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture. Fully custom conference tables can take even longer. It's important to start your project with a realistic completion date and plan accordingly to avoid settling for a table that's not your top choice.
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