Monday, November 10, 2014

10 Ways To Improve Your Boardroom

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Looking to boost meeting productivity, decor, and efficiency in your boardroom? Today's post has you covered! Here will share 10 awesome ways to help you take your corporate meeting area to the next level. Enjoy!

Power Modules

If you are still running extensions cords across your table top to obtain power during your meetings, it's time for an upgrade! Brands like Mayline, Cherryman, Lesro, and Global Total Office are offering new conference tables with factory installed power ports that will rock your meetings. Choose from a variety of user friendly inputs like HDMI, RJ45, and USB to improve your meeting experience.

Presentation Boards

Presentation boards help visual learners focus and retain more info during important meetings. If you use your boardroom to host strategy sessions, a presentation board will greatly improve your space. Instead of everyone taking individual notes, try writing down ideas on the presentation board to get the team more involved as a cohesive unit. There's no doubt a presentation board will help promote better communication and ideas during meetings.


A lectern or speaking podium is a great way to boost boardroom appeal while providing presenters with a helpful place to provide information from. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline provide affordable lecterns that can be moved easily into position via casters when needed. A lectern will make your space look great while adding another element for visual and auditory minded guests.


Don't settle for those dull taupe walls any longer! Visit a local paint store or hardware store and grab a few free color cards. Meet with your team to select vibrant colors that showcase your business personality. A couple coats of paint will go a long way in your boardroom and will no doubt liven up your atmosphere. You can even host a painting party one night after work for a little team bonding.

Lighting Fixtures

Adding cool lighting fixtures above your table and in the corners of your boardroom will set your space apart from the competition. Lighting fixtures will also save on power costs when compared to the pricey overhead units your space is likely settling for. You can find awesome deals on new office lighting fixtures online and in local stores. Stop by, take a few pics of lighting you like and present them to your team. Decide on a few fixtures that will make your space pop and reap the rewards!

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets provide excellent aesthetic value and storage space. No boardroom looks it's best when it's overly cluttered. That being said, if you want your meetings to run smoothly and effectively you have to be organized. Presentation materials, stationary, and more can be easily stored in a wall cabinet placed adjacent to your conference room table. In most cases, industry leading brands offer a variety of wall cabinet solutions available to match the finish and style of your conference table.

Sleek Seating

Sleek conference room chair options like the new ribbed back models from brands like Offices To Go, Flash Furniture, and Eurotech are trending in 2014. The ability to improve decor while helping your business maximize boardroom seating potential is just plain smart. Sleek conference room chairs provide a unique modern look that doesn't lack in terms of comfort. Fabric, leather, and even vinyl models are widely available and should be highly considered compared to the overly bulky boardroom chairs of the past.

 Food & Beverage Station

Adding a food and beverage station to your boardroom is another great way to improve your space. While having refreshments on the table is definitely one way to go, this commonly leaves unwanted water marks on your table finish and can actually cause long term damage to your furniture if not cleaned immediately. As an alternative, mobile food beverage stations prevent condensation build up on tables and provide valued guests with a nice way to get up, stretch their legs, and obtain a light snack during longer meetings. Mobile food and beverage stations are the preferred choice as they can be moved when needed and save space.


You can't go wrong with adding a wall mounted flat screen TV or mobile TV cart to your space. Televisions can be set up to run presentations or simply showcase a variety of themes to improve the overall vibe of your space. If you room lacks natural lighting, try running a loop of an outdoor landscape. It will make a big difference! You can also use HD TV's to display charts, stocks, and other important digital info during meetings that guests will surely appreciate.

Natural Lighting

While adding lighting fixtures will certainly help, natural lighting will also improve your boardroom. If you space has windows, or a half decent view for that matter, open those bad boys up! Natural light will liven up your space and energize your guests. Your view will get compliments while your business is saving on those pesky electrical costs. Natural lighting is your best friend, and in the long run... it's free!
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