Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Cool Office Chairs for The Modern Workaholic

Work long hours day in and day out? Need more support from your office chair? Today's article is for you! In this post we'll be highlighting 5 of the absolute best and coolest ergonomic office chairs for the modern workaholic. Enjoy!

Obus Ultraforme ChairThe Obus Ultraforme chair from Global Total Office is a workaholics dream. These high and mid back office chairs are designed for optimal functionality in the workplace. Obus Ultraforme chairs feature a blend of upholstered seating surfaces and mesh inserts that provide excellent breathability. A Synchronized Glider mechanism incorporates the benefits of many chair features into one to provide a more user friendly sitting experience. Feet can stay flat on the floor while tilting, which relieves pressure under the thighs and encourages good blood flow. Doctor designed comfort clinically proven to reduce back and neck pain, fatigue and headaches by encouraging proper back alignment make these chairs the perfect option for workaholics!

Eurotech Bodyflex ChairThe Eurotech Seating Bodyflex chair will have you sitting at the highest level of workplace comfort! This high end ergonomic chair boasts modern style in abundance. The self inclined mechanism balances body weight resulting in a smooth yet effortless sit for those long work days. Bodyflex chairs are cool to look at, easy to operate, and downright comfy! Standard ergonomic features include a tilt tension control, center tilt, tilt lock, and the list goes on! Choose from a wide variety of cool color options to compliment your command center to perfection.

OTG10904BPriced at just $198.99, the Offices To Go 10904B chair is perfect for the workaholic on a budget. This fully functional mesh back office chair offers high end looks and the ergonomic features to match without the thousand dollar price tag. As any true workaholic knows, time is money! That being said, the 10904B chairs typically ship within 2 to 3 business days of order ensuring your new seating solution arrives quickly. Features like the adjustable lumbar support, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and height adjustable arms allow users to customize their 10904B to suit specific seating preferences.

Concorde Pulsor ChairWhat true workaholic has time for a massage? The answer is not many! Luckily, brands like Global Total Office manufacture seating solutions like the Concorde Pulsor Chair with adjustable massage features. These luxury office chairs allow users to work comfortably while enjoying a high quality massage without leaving the workplace. Pulsor chairs provide the ultimate pampering for those long days at the office and top notch ergonomic features any modern executive will love. Pulsor chairs run on AC adapters or rechargeable batteries that ensure your office massage therapist (office chair) is ready to lend a hand at a moments notice.  

Not looking for all the the modern design characteristics in your office chair, but in need of top notch support? The Eurotech 24/7 chair is the perfect choice. Don't let the subtle design characteristics fool you however, these chairs mean business! With extra thick molded foam cushion and multi-function mechanism, the 24/7 office chair is for those seeking maximum comfort in a round-the-clock atmosphere. Standard features include pneumatic height adjustment, articulating seat & back, swivel tilt with tension control, ratchet back, lumbar support, independent back angle adjustment and waterfall seat. Available in new dove fabric black and charcoal upholstery options, the 24/7 can be used to match a wide variety of office interior tones effectively. 

In the long run, workaholics need quality chairs they can rely on all day long. The professional quality seating solutions highlighted in today's post provide just that. From the Obus Ultraforme to the Eurotech 24/7, these user friendly chairs offer high quality ergonomic features and the top notch style characteristics to match.
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