Wednesday, November 12, 2014

6 Ways To Get Inspired For Your Office Makeover Project

Taking on an office makeover project can be lots of work. So many factors fall into consideration, like price, style, and utility, and designers must consider these things. But often, just deciding on what to put in your new workplace can be more trouble than anything else. That's why, in today's article, we're dishing out inspiration! Enjoy these great tips on inspirational sources for your next office project!

Look Around

Keeping your eyes peeled for styles you like is a the most important bolt in your toolbox when it comes to design. Just being aware of architecture, colors, space, and style choices when you're out and about can give some great food for thought on what you can do with your own space. Be sure to visit surrounding businesses, websites of companies you like, and social media outlets that showcase art. Companies like Pixar and Google, and websites like Pinterest, are great sources for inspiration on modern office decor. An informative office furniture dealer may also provide some great tips and tricks for office design. All it takes is a watchful eye!

Get Employee Opinions

Employees are an invaluable part of the business, and they are also the face that customers most often see. This makes employee opinions and invaluable part of office redesign. Rounding up some office chairs for a meeting in the boardroom or office training area will provide the designer with the opportunity to learn more about what employees and clients want and need.

Design On A Dime

Budget is a hugely important consideration when shopping. Thankfully, most online furniture dealers will offer a "shop by price" option that allows shoppers to view products by price range alone. This way, all the tempting expensive stuff is weeded out before it pickpockets you! Also, designing on a dime can offer excellent opportunities to invent new trends. Instead of investing in pricey office visitor seating sets, you may decide to incorporate discount beam reception seating to save space. Bean bags have actually become a huge hit in many modern offices today because they offer comfortable seating without the high tech price tag!


One way to save big when designing is to just do it yourself. Can't find the desk of your dreams? Craft stores all out of the decor you're searching for? Chances are, there's probably a "how to" video with instructions to make what you want someplace out there! There's lots of blogs with clever tutorials on how to redesign space, make simple decor, or even rig up professional grade office lighting fixtures in a snap. Rather than purchasing a set of new office chairs in cool colors, see if you can refurbish them with a roll of fabric and spray paint. Cutting corners where you can may save you a fortune.

Consider What You Need

When making over an office, needs should always win out over wants. Of course, it would be nice to invest in an aquarium or new wall art for the reception area, but if computer software is outdated or business reception seating is falling apart, everything else needs to wait. Considering what you need to actually improve your business can maximize workplace potential, increase productivity, and increase revenue for curb appeal later on.

Professional Opinion

When in doubt, ask an expert! There are plenty of ways to get professional advice on decorating - some of it free! Of course, contracting a designer to help you makeover the workspace is ideal, but if you don't have the money for it, asking for opinions from DIY experts or designers in the comments section of their blogs is a great way to get quick, free advice. Don't be afraid to call up online furniture dealers either. Many of them possess a wealth of design knowledge, and can provide specific information about products, recommendations for installers, and possibly even exclusive bulk discounts or deals on the furniture you want!
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