Wednesday, November 19, 2014

7 Ways To Improve Your Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are often underwritten as boring places - places where sitting and staring until one's name is called is the major event. However, it doesn't have to be. Businesses everywhere are figuring out that when waiting rooms and reception areas look interesting, visitors stay interested longer. Giving your guests a comfortable seat, a table to set their things, and something pretty to look at goes a long way. These seven great tips will help you to turn your office reception area from a boring waiting room, into a great first impression! Enjoy!

Contemporary Seating

Unless you're running a food stand, few visitors enjoy standing in an office, especially one with long wait times. Providing contemporary reception seating for office guests is the first step to being a good host and business owner. Stylish, comfortable guest sofas offer a homey presence mosts visitors will appreciate. For those looking to maximize workplace productivity, adding lounge chairs with tablet arms is a must! With a cool tablet guest chair like the Sirena 3372LCMLTM by Global, laptop users can sit through longer wait times and still stay productive!

Area Rugs

Office looking a little drab and dull? An area rug can perk things right up! In an office, area rugs are excellent for preventing scrapes on expensive flooring from office chair casters and desk legs. They also provide greater soundproofing to reduce workplace distractions. These nifty carpets come in all shapes and sizes for every kind of decor imaginable. A solid color can reduce the effects of a visually busy room, while patterned rugs can add a spark of color and liveliness. Even fuzzy area rugs can add texture that gives life to a boring office!

Industrial Accent Tables

If there's one thing an active office needs to be, it's sturdy. Adding industrial strength furniture to your workplace will help ensure long lasting results. Tables like the AT36SQ-DVN height adjustable industrial table from the Endure series by OFM offer durability for an affordable price. Additionally, tables like the CT2102A Santana coffee table by Woodstock also provide industrial strength without sacrificing style. Add these heavy duty tables to an office reception area or waiting room for guests to set beverages, bags, magazines, and fill out paperwork.

Natural Light

Natural lighting is often underrated in design, but it certainly provides plentiful benefits! By opening a window onto your office waiting room, not only do you get all the benefits of a power-saving light source, but your guests gain things too. Several studies have shown that natural lighting is a natural mood enhancer. Employees who work under natural lighting conditions are reported to have higher energy, better focus, and reduced rates of depression. So, if you're guests and receptionists seem like they could use a pick-me-up, crack open a window!

Bonus Tip: Mirrors and glass accents offer stylish design features that reflect light and make a reception area even brighter!

Cool Lighting Fixtures

Unfortunately, the sun doesn't shine in all places. Thankfully, for all those reception areas without windows, cool office lighting fixtures can save the day! Lighting fixtures play a big part in the style and personality of a room. The type of fixtures you include in your reception area can greatly affect how visitors view your business. Does lighting come in the form of lamps on side tables beside couches for guest use? Or does it hang from the ceiling or glow from hidden corners? All these aspects play a big part in the functionality of your space and how a waiting room looks.

Curved Reception Desk

Any office with a heavy focus on customer service has a lot to benefit from a curved reception desk! What most business owners don't realize about a standard straight-front reception desks is that, while they does have aesthetic value and space-saving possibilities, straight front desks send messages of limited welcome to a large room because they only face one direction. On the other hand, curved welcome desks can face many directions by design, greeting visitors from more angles. Desks like the Marque 55296 curved reception station from OFM send messages of openness and willingness to assist. Plus, they also look super cutting edge!

Wall Texturing

Want a way to decorate your walls without wading through a sea of expensive artwork? Then wall texturing may be the solution for your waiting room! Commonly, wall texturing refers to the actual texture of a wall, which doesn't always have to be flat. In fact, the wall texturing trend has recently skyrocketed in popularity as a way to eliminate visual blandness in a room without being to distracting. Light plays across the the textured surface, giving dimension and dynamics to a boring waiting room. Another popular alternative is using stencils and paint to create visual textures without changing the actual definition of walls. Both styles pop in a waiting room, taking it from drab to fab in no time!

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