Monday, November 3, 2014

8 Ways To Earn Compliments On Your Office Space

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When it comes to office design, a little positive recognition always feels good! In today's post we'll share 8 great ways to ensure your space gets the compliments it deserves. Enjoy!

1.) Ask for Opinions

Before starting your office makeover project, be sure to inquire with your coworkers about what styles they like. Keeping your space in line with the overall office opinion is a sure fire way to earn positive feedback. While you will always want to let your personality shine, a few helpful opinions from trusted coworkers can go a long way! Just remember, to many opinions can leave you confused. Make sure to ask the friends and employees you trust the most.

2.) Research Design Trends

Researching the latest design trends will help you create a stunning space that you can be proud of. That being said, if your space looks cutting edge and up to date, it's sure to earn plenty of compliments from visitors! This year gray and white tones are super popular, along with metal and glass accents to provide an industrial feel. Brands like Mayline, OFM, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries are all offering trend setting office furniture solutions in 2014 that will help make your space stand apart from the competition.

3.) Visit Surrounding Businesses

Before settling on your new office furniture, visit a few surrounding businesses. Spread a few compliments and don't be afraid to ask where they purchased there furniture from and what brand it is. This will provide your valuable insight on where to find value while simultaneously inspiring your for your own project. If you  you do your research, your space is bound to come out looking professional and stunning, thus earning you the compliments you and  your space deserve. 

4.) Host A Social Meeting

Once you've successfully completed your office makeover, host a social meeting to improve team morale and communication. This provides a great avenue to invite coworkers over to check out your new space without overly bragging about it. You'll have a great opportunity to get to know your team better and will no doubt be complimented on more than just your design ingenuity. Don't forget to provide a few snacks and drinks!

5.) Post Pictures On Your Social Networking Sites

If your proud of your new office desk layout and furniture configuration, don't be afraid to take a few pics and share them on your favorite social networks. This will help you generate positive feedback from friends and family as well as your beloved coworkers.

6.) Don't Forget The Details

No office space is complete without the right combination of accessories and accent products! Without these vital elements no space will earn the compliments it's truly worthy of. Adding ergonomic products like monitor arms and keyboard trays will improve your personal productivity while adding a touch of wow factor. Room accents like plants and wall art will no doubt liven your space up and boost the amount of compliments you receive.

7.)  Showcase Your Personality

If you've created an inviting office space that showcases your personality, the compliments will certainly come. The furniture and office seating you choose will help, but the overall feel of your space is determined by your positive attitude! If guests feel at home when visiting your work environment, they'll certainly want to come back again and again.

8.) Give Compliments

Last but certainly not least, you can't expect to get compliments on your space without giving a few out. You have to spread the love! Visit your surrounding coworkers and businesses you've visited in the past. Be sure to compliment there design ingenuity, professionalism, and cleanliness. Remember, everyone loves a little positive recognition!
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