Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ergo Office Trends: 2014 Edition

Ergonomic Office Trends 2014
It's been a big year in the world of office ergonomics. As being comfortable and effective in the workplace is always a top priority, we thought it would be beneficial to highlight this years top ergonomic trends and their benefits. Enjoy!

1.) Integrated Lumbar Support

Adjustable lumbar support features are nice, but seldom used and will definitely raise the cost of any office chair! That being said, the industries top seating manufacturers are now providing the majority of their office chairs with integrated lumbar supports. These standard features provide much needed lower back support and don't require adjusting. Simply sit down and enjoy your work day in comfort.

2.) Electronic Height Assist

While height adjustable office furniture is nothing new, tables and desks that adjust via hand cranks are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. This year, top ergonomic furniture brands are trending towards electronically assisted height adjustment mechanisms to provide a more user friendly working experience. Using a height adjustable desk or table will allow you to revitalize blood flow, boost energy levels, and reduce fatigue while encouraging continuous body movement throughout those long days at the office.

3.) Under Mount CPU Holders

The times of crawling under your office desk to turn your computer on and off are over! In 2014 brands like ESI, Symmetry, and Global Total Office are revolutionizing the way we operate our computers power source. Under mount CPU holders have become the industry standard this year and provide a ton of workplace benefits. These units typically lock for added office security and retract to provide more useable leg space when needed. The under mount design keeps your CPU off the ground and helps to protect against flood and water damage while making for easier access throughout the day.

4.) Clamp Mount Monitor Arms

The monitor arm trend is here to stay! While grommet mounting systems where the most commonly offered options in years gone by, clamp mount systems have become the preferred choice for their increased versatility. Now users have the ability to move their screens and mounting setup at a moments notice without the headaches and limited positioning options caused by grommet mount systems. With a clamp style mount, all you need is the edge of your desk. Installation is a breeze and the benefits are endless!

5.) Tablet Mounts

Most modern businesses are now using tablets on a daily basis to pull up records, charts, and important information. That being said, ergonomic product manufacturers are in a steady race to create versatile tablet mounting systems that will surely help your work day! Tablet mounts can be easily attached to desk surfaces in reception areas, executive office spaces, and conference rooms to boost ergonomic efficiency.

6.) Sit to Stand Articulating Arms

Simple retractable keyboard trays will always have there place in business. By saving useable workspace and helping promote good posture, traditional keyboard trays of the past are no doubt useful. This year however, more and more users are opting to add sit to stand articulating arms instead of the traditional slide tracks used in previous years. The ability to quickly adapt to any work situation and type from multiple positions is simply too enticing to ignore. This trend is here to stay!

7.) Width Adjustable Arms

Office chair arms have typically only gone up and down in years past. In 2014, all of the top seating providers are moving forward with chair arms that do much more! This year width adjustable arms have been the latest craze. Users that require big and tall office chairs will love the ability to widen the stance of chair arms to provide a much more comfortable work experience. If you're shopping for a new office chair, choose a model with height and width adjustable arms. You'll be glad you did!

8.) Deskercising

Did you know you can exercise at your desk? This emerging trend is easy to follow and doesn't cost a thing! A variety of cool deskercise ideas can be found online to help boost your energy, promote good blood flow, and help you stay healthy. Deskercising isn't a substitute for going to the gym, but it's fun and empowering. Give it a try today!

9.) Group Training

More and more businesses are educating employees about the benefits of ergonomics and good health in the workplace through group training sessions. These team oriented events allow employees to share personal ergonomic tips and advice about what works for them as well as areas of discomfort. As group ergonomic training sessions are trending up, discomfort in the workplace is trending down!
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