Friday, November 7, 2014

How To Avoid The Top 5 Boardroom Makeover Mistakes

Overcrowded Boardroom
Boardroom makeover projects can be tricky to say the least! The combination of chairs, tables, and accent furnishings must work together in harmony to ensure a professional appearance to valued clientele. In today's post we'll share the top 5 most common boardroom makeover mistakes and share the tips, tricks, and advice needed to help your business avoid them.

1.) Oops I Didn't Measure Properly!

The number one boardroom makeover mistake is improper measuring. Before starting the shopping process, the first step of your project should be obtaining accurate dimensions of your space. Start by taking perimeter dimensions. Next, take note of all electrical outlets, entry ways, windows, and load bearing members that need to be accounted for. Once complete, double check your measurements to be 100% sure you've avoided mistakes.

2.) My Boardroom is Overcrowded!

By following a few simple guidelines you can avoid the all too common, overcrowded boardroom! On average you'll want to provide about three and a half feet of space per chair around your table. Anything less won't provide your guests with much elbow room and will make your space feel crammed. In addition, you'll want to leave around four feet of perimeter space around your entire table. This will allow provide the space needed to move conference chairs around comfortably when needed. Lastly, adding to many storage and accent components will also make your room feel tightly compacted. While room accents are important, be wise when designing your space and don't over do it!

3.) I Mixed and Matched Furniture and It Doesn't Match!

This is yet another common mistake that can easily be avoided. While we all like to think of ourselves as excellent designers, mixing and matching products is a tough job. Purchasing your new office furniture from a full service collection is always a smarter idea. As many of the industries top brands offer finish options like maple, cherry, and mahogany, not all of them match perfectly with one another. Consider using furniture from a specific collection to ensure you have well rounded an matching look you can be proud of.

4.) I Wasn't Ready for The Delivery of My Furniture!

It's and absolute must to prepare and prep for the delivery of your boardroom and conference room furniture to ensure your business is not caught off guard. Discuss estimated lead times with your furniture provider of choice. Approximately 3 business days after you order furniture, email your dealer for an estimated ship date. When that day comes, contact your dealer for tracking information. While these things should be provided, it's your responsibility to stay on top of your project. Don't get caught unaware with a delivery truck of new conference furniture at your door. It's never fun!

5.) I Didn't Prepare for Installation!

Like with furniture delivery, installation is another key factor in boardroom makeover success. Discuss with your furniture dealer about the difficulties of the installation process and what your business should expect to encounter. In most cases conference tables only consist of a few parts and are typically quite easy to assemble. Most conference room chairs will take around 20 minutes each to assemble. Wall cabinets and accent furnishings will often ship partially assembled and will take around 30 minutes to build out. You'll want to have a small team of about 4 people on hand to assist with the process. Be sure to account for debris created from furniture packaging materials that tend to add up throughout the build out. Last but not least, if you feel installation is something that's out of your league, don't hesitate to discuss this with your furniture provider upfront. They will be happy to provide a list of resources in your area that are certified for jobs of this nature.
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