Friday, November 21, 2014

Office Design: What's In & What's Out!

Looking to keep your office areas up to date with the latest trends? If so, you don't want to miss today's article! Here we will highlight what's in and what's out in in the world of office makeovers. From the lobby to the conference room we have you covered. Enjoy!

Modern Lobby

Lobby Ins:

This year beam seating has been incredibly popular. Brands like Global Total Office and OFM offer stylish modular seating for both traditional and modern lobby makeover projects. Beam seating provides excellent space saving benefits and the good looks needed to take your corporate waiting area to the next level.

Like with beam seating, tablet arm lounge chair models have been booming in 2014. The ability to provide waiting area guests with a more comfortable and versatile visiting experience is a must. Tablet arm chairs provide an extra element of class to the visitor experience and really come in handy during longer waits. Check out brands like Mayline for super cool and affordable tablet arm chairs designed specifically for professional lobby areas.

Last but not least, curved reception desks have been trending in a major way. Curved reception welcoming desks look great from nearly every angle and provide a nice modern touch that's sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves. Products like the Marque reception desks from OFM will show you why this trend looks to keep growing in the remainder of 2014 and beyond.

Lobby Outs:

While wood seating has been very popular in years passed, it has seen a drop in 2014. More and more companies are opting to go with metal accented seating as opposed to wood for a more industrial look. While wood seating will always have it's place, if you want to stay up to day with the latest trends, you'll want to go with metal! It looks great, it's easy to clean, and it's much more durable.

Overhead lighting is a thing of the past. The cold look of traditional overhead lighting fixtures that were installed when your building was built have to go! Consider using hanging lighting and accent lamps to showcase your space. When designing your lobby it's important to create a welcoming look wherever possible, and those boring ceiling lights just won't cut it.

Carpet is definitely the most affordable way to go when it comes to flooring. However, it's out when it comes to lobby design! If possible consider laminate wood flooring as it's only a bit more expensive. If you have the budget tile is a great way to go and will no doubt make your space more luxurious and professional. Another affordable option is concrete staining. Commonly seen in modern restaurants and even homes, concrete staining is very cool and shows a lot of character!

Modern Home Office

Private Office Ins:

The industrial look is in! Using metal tones and commercial grade furniture will take your private office to a whole new level. Consider best selling office furniture collections like e5, Verde, and Medina for your work space. You'll be glad you did.

Another emerging trend for personal office makeovers is the use of wall mounted hutch units. Used in professional business settings for years, wall mounted hutch units save space and provide much needed storage. Don't clutter up your office with file cabinets on the ground when you can utilize your walls and maximize potential!

Private Office Outs:

U shaped desks are great for larger areas but tend to make average sized office spaces look over crowded and crammed. More and more office projects are being completed using modular workstations that can be form fitted to provide a more effective work experience. Modular stations save space, look great, and don't lack in versatility like the U shaped workstations typically used in private office makeover projects of the past.

Metal file cabinets don't do much for your office appeal, and for that reason they're out! While most of us are guilty of having a couple of these sitting in our spaces, it's time for an upgrade. If you want to keep your work environment up to date with the latest trends, consider wall mounted hutch units, wall cabinets, and even mobile file pedestals that match your furniture finish. These will make for a more well rounded space that's much more appealing and just as organized.

Elliptical Conference Table by Global

Conference Room Ins:

Modular table configurations are in! While space is always at a premium around the office, modular conference table sets will help any business maximize square footage while boosting efficiency. Modular conference room table sets include a collection of flip top tables with mobilized bases that can be moved and configured into a variety of shapes that work for your specific meeting needs. Brands like Global Total Office specialize in modular conference tables and should be highly considered for your makeover project.

If you want to step up your meeting productivity, there's no better way to do it than with a powered conference table. Once thought of as a high cost and luxurious option for big businesses, factory installed power modules have become the industry standard. Brands like Mayline, Lesro, and Global Total Office offer a variety of factory installed power module options that are cost effective and easy to spec.

Conference room tables with metal legs offer an industrial look that's just plain cool! You may be surprised to find that conference and boardroom tables with metal legs are commonly more cost effective than those with the traditional wood bases of the past. This growing movement is expanding in a major way and provides a more open feel, as well as a commercial quality that' sure to wow your meeting area guests.

Conference Room Outs:

Wood veneer conference room tables are incredibly heavy and difficult to move. This has definitely caused a major drop in popularity as businesses are looking for more user friendly products to outfit there meeting areas with. In addition, wood conference tables may be luxurious but they are far more expensive than the trending laminate tables of 2014.

Once piece conference tables are also out in 2014. These large tops are incredibly difficult to move and have really become obsolete. No matter the material you choose for your new conference table, consider a two or three piece top as they are much easier to work with. In the event of an unwanted scratch or dent, you'll also have the ability to replace a single section of your table as opposed to a whole new top!

Last but certainly not least, rectangular top conference tables are just not being chosen for conference room makeover projects like they used to. More unique and innovative options like elliptical conference room tables are taking over. Cool shapes mean wow factor and compliments, while traditional classic options like rectangular models have become a bit ho-hum.
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