Monday, November 24, 2014

The Benefits of Natural Lighting in the Workplace

Thinking about adding a desk lamp to your work space? What if we told you there was a way to brighten up your office, improve health, and increase the visual appeal of your space, all without costing you a dime? Sounds too good to be true, but natural lighting does all that and more. In today's feature article, we're highlighting all the ways that cracking open a window may be the best work decision you could ever make. Enjoy!

Vitamin D

When most of us think of Vitamin D, the sun first comes to mind. This is because our body's make tons by itself vitamin D when we stand in the sunlight. Cracking open a window at work does more than just kickstart your vitamin D levels. It improves overall health, betters mental sharpness, and can help battle colds up to 30% more than those with low levels (according to Men's Fitness magazine). You never even have to leave those healthy ergonomic task chairs at work. Just open a window and soak up the rays!

Optical Illusions

For architects, natural lighting is the ultimate illusionist. Harry Houdini  has nothing on the way sunlight  tricks viewers into thinking a space is much bigger than it actually is. Remember all those fancy gothic churches from Europe? Well, all those stained glass windows and high walls were designed to create dramatic sunbeams, increasing the illusion of epic size tenfold! In the office, open windows, well-placed mirrors, and discount glass office desks reflect this light all around a room for the same effect. Even light-colored wall paint makes a difference! It's all in the way the light falls.

Saves Money

Sure, glass desks to refract sunlight are cheaper than executive hardwood behemoths, but they can still do so much more. Glass desks and office furniture for sale provide excellent ways to pay for themselves in electrical bills. Everyone knows sunlight is free, but few take advantage of it. Opening windows and turning off expensive artificial lights can save a fortune at a small business. Unfortunately, solid wood and metal office furniture blocks this light, limiting it's reach. Desks and coffee tables with glass inserts, on the other hand, do not block light, and instead bounce rays all over the room! The initial switch in furniture may be a pain, but it definitely pays for itself with time!

Reduces Employee Stress

Is all that comfortable executive seating doing nothing to sooth your nerves? Well, perhaps an open window will. Many studies have linked a lack of natural sunlight to depression, which, combined with the stress of a workplace, can have terrible effects on the body. Doctors' solution: Live in work in the light! Too much light input can be stressful for the eyes, but with artificial lights off and the sun on, healthy natural light rarely fails to calm. Reduce office stress and improve employee effectiveness with this affordable trick, and you will never go wrong!

Increases Focus

Not only does natural lighting reduce employee stress, it can also increase focus! Several studies by scientist, Mirjam M√ľnch, of Switzerland, have found that exposure to natural sunlight rather than artificial office lamps and lighting does wonders for the body. Studies showed that individuals who had been exposed to sunlight were more awake, had better focus, exhibited more stable moods, improved employee outlook, and had them producing consistently higher quality work for the business!

Prevents Bacteria

As if the sun hasn't done enough for us already, this is one final tip that's so weird we just had to include it. Studies have yet to show exactly how sunlight can prevent bacteria growth since UV rays do not penetrate cloth and dosage is so small. But, research has managed to gather that sunlight definitely plays a role in reducing bacteria and buildup of mold! Apparently, the sun's heat works both to warm and dry interiors, battling the conditions mold and bacteria love to grow. In conjunction with healthy modern mesh chairs to reduce the buildup of sweat and bacteria on employees, a few open windows can turn your office into a healthy, happy place of productivity!

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