Wednesday, December 10, 2014

7 Cool Deskorations for the Holiday Season

Decorating for the holidays is a fun experience that the whole family can take part in - but that doesn't mean the fun has to stay at home! Bringing some of that festive cheer into the workplace with bright lights and pretty snowflakes is an excellent way to bring everyone together! For all the elves busy at their own workshops this season, we hope you enjoy these festive decorating tips for the office!

Twinkling Lights

Lights are practically the spirit of the holidays! Wherever you go, twinkling lights and candles are meant to warm everyone's heart - no matter what you celebrate! Hobby stores are bursting with decorative office lighting for sale this time of year. Next time you go, don't be afraid to pick up a few lights to glow softly around door frames, desks, and cubicles in the office.

Computer Contest

The computer monitor is one of the most underrated pieces of equipment designers neglect to take advantage of when decorating. This holiday season, we invite you to have a computer decorating contest with your coworkers! Dress up single and dual screen monitor arms in reindeer ears and red noses, menora screensavers, or kwanza colors depending on what you celebrate. For a neutral party, building a mini hearth with a moving fireplace download certainly spreads holiday warmth. Personalized stockings with candy prizes for the winner will hang lovelily on their new fireplace!

Scented Candles

Everybody loves the smells of the winter season. Whether your preference is Peppermint Party, Winter Pine, Merry Maple, or Snowberry, subtle holiday scents do wonders for an overworked office. Best of all, they usually don't offend anyone's celebratory style! Check with your nearby coworkers to see if they have any allergies to candles or air fresheners first. If they don't, brew up some hot cocoa in the breakroom and enjoy the festive fragrance!

Going Greenery

Choosing affordable green furniture by Global Office and similar brands is always a trendy decision, but how about going a little greener with holiday plants? Craft stores are always sporting plenty of faux holiday firs, wreathes, garlands, and mini Christmas trees that won't cramp your eco-friendly style this season. Living decorations like pinecones, poinsettias, and lilies looks beautiful around the cubicles, and can even help improve indoor air quality if planted. A few colorful ornaments on the ends will help give your plants an extra Christmas-y kick!

Workplace Winter Wonderland

Few decorating tips are better than the ones that save money. Thankfully, most offices already have everything they need to sport a winter wonderland look! With some coworkers, take a few sheets from the printer and use some affordable office accessories to cut out and decorate paper snowflakes. With paperclips or hooks, hang them from the ceiling along with some tinsel to really freeze your friends this year! Personalized ornaments with coworkers' names also make wonderful hanging decor.

Colorful Cubicles

Decorating stylish workstations and cubicles is one of the biggest joys office workers find this time of year. Instead of trying to decide on a them with your coworkers though, why not ask everyone to pick their favorite (or draw from a hat)? Themes like Gingerbread House, Santa's Workshop, Elsa's Castle, Whoville, Holiday Hearth, or Candyland can easily transform a cubicle into a party!

Spirited Sweets

No matter what you celebrate, holiday food is always enjoyable! One of the best ways to win the hearts of coworkers any time of year is with sweet and savory treats. Decorating modern break room tables with snickerdoodles, candy canes, peppermints, cocoa packets, marshmallows, and s'mores will have everyone fat and happy for the holidays. Just don't forget to include ingredient lists for those who might have allergies!

We hope you've enjoyed these clever holiday deskorations for the office. We wish everyone a safe holiday season from!

Happy Holidays!

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