Tuesday, December 30, 2014

7 New Years Resolutions For A Better Office Life

New Years Resolution Ideas
With the new year just around the corner, we know you guys are all getting those resolutions ready. That being said, we thought it would be fun to share 5 office related resolutions that will improve your life in the workplace. Here's to an awesome 2015!

1.) Be More Ergo Friendly

This one deserves a spot at the top of the resolution list! Being ergo friendly means providing yourself with the tools necessary to work comfortably, effectively, and efficiently throughout those long days at the office. Using quality ergonomic chairs and a combination of popular computer accessories will definitely help, but being ergo friendly means educating yourself regularly on the various ways to improve your work life while avoiding fatigue and common stressors that do us all harm. Commit to being more ergo friendly in 2015 and enjoy the rewards!

2.) Go To Bed Earlier

Going to bed earlier will no doubt improve your office life. Feeling groggy at work and overly fatigued is commonly a result of poor rest the night before. In 2015, be sure to get your full 8 hours to ensure you are ready to give your best.

3.) Eat Breakfast Every Day

Believe it or not, most of us are in such a rush every morning that we zoom out the door without eating a decent breakfast. All too often we make breakfast for our children and never take a moment to consider the benefits for ourselves. As breakfast is the foundation for a quality day, be sure to eat a little something every morning before hitting the office. A piece of fruit, yogurt, breakfast bar, or muffin are all easy to incorporate into your morning routine so there's no excuses with this resolution!

4.) Build Better Workplace Relationships

Take the time to communicate with your coworkers more in 2015. If you build strong relationships with your teammates, you'll become an unstoppable force ready for the rigorous demands of modern business. You'll also make some new friends which is always a good thing! Hosting a pot luck, picnic, or other workshop will provide the perfect avenue to get this resolution started on the right foot.

5.) Get More Organized

An organized office is an effective office! If your space is cluttered and in disarray it's time to come up with a system for office optimization. Start by arranging your important documents effectively in file cabinets and desk side pedestals. Next clear your office of unnecessary debris including candy wrappers, chip bags, and all that other stuff that naturally accumulates throughout the day. Now set aside 15 minutes every Friday for cleaning and organization. This will ensure you start every week off with an organized space ready to work for you!

6.) Eat Healthier Lunches

We all love a good burger and fries, unfortunately they don't love us back! This year it's time to focus on eating healthier lunches at work. If you plan your lunches in advance you'll be much better equipped for success. Consider looking up some good recipes online so you don't get overwhelmed with a salad overdose. If you want, make a Friday a cheat day to reward yourself for being a healthy eater all week! Going healthier and avoiding those pricey fattening lunches will have you ready to tackle the rest of your day with more energy and pep.

7.) Create A Sustainable Exercise Routine

Finding the time to exercise is never easy, but if you create a sustainable routine with a teammate you'll be poised for success. Talk with your fellow office friends to see if anyone is considering a new gym or workout schedule. Consider teaming up a couple days each week after work. This will help you hold each other accountable and will no doubt lead to a healthier lifestyle at home and at the office! If you can't get out of the office to work out, consider deskercising. Yep, you read that right, deskercising! This is one of the latest trends that involves simple stretches and exercises that you can do at your office desk for a healthier and more ergo friendly work life,

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