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Lobby Design Tips: 5 Do's and Don'ts for Makeover Success

Lobby Design Tips
Lobby design can projects can be a bit tricky to say the least. However, if you cover the basics and follow the simple guidelines highlighted in today's post,  you and your team will be set up for makeover success. The do's and don'ts showcased here will help you prevent common design mistakes while helping keep your space up to date with the latest trends.

Do: Measure Effectively

Any interior design team, decorator, or furniture specialist will tell you that the first step to lobby makeover success is always measuring effectively. Start by obtaining the perimeter dimensions of your space. Be sure to notate all power outlets, entry ways, windows, and room obstructions. Once complete, double check your work to be sure. Like they always say, measure twice and cut once!

Don't: Guesstimate

Simply assuming the dimensions of your space is a sure fire way to end up in deep trouble when! All too often shoppers purchase reception seating and accent furniture with the hope that it will fit correctly. This usually ends very badly and can be easily avoided by taking the time to measure effectively.

Do: Sketch Layouts

Sketching layout ideas for your space will provide you with valuable insight on how your new lobby furniture will fit in your space. Before you start the shopping process, grab a piece of paper and draw a rough outline of your room. Determine how many guests you want to accommodate and draw seating and accent furniture in accordingly. Play around with a few different layout ideas to see what you feel will work best for your business needs.

Don't: Visualize

Once again, simply assuming a specific chair will fit perfectly in a specific spot is not smart! While it's okay to visualize a beautiful lobby for your business, it's not okay to tackle your whole project based on visualizations of how things will fit in certain areas. Take the time to write down where chairs and lobby tables will be placed to ensure a smooth transition into your new space.

Do: Use Modern Lighting Fixtures

Those looking to take their lobby spaces to the next level will want to use cool lighting fixtures to make their spaces shine. The use of drop lighting, lamps, and recessed lighting will bring your space to life. Consider visiting a professional office lighting store in your area for inspiration. You'll be glad you did!

Don't: Settle for Building Grade Fixtures

The lighting fixtures installed by the construction team who built your building are no bueno! These commercial fixtures are typically quite cheap looking and really suck power. The money saved by adding energy efficient fixtures over time is simply too great to ignore. If you're wanting your lobby to earn the compliments it deserves, get rid of those boring fluorescents.

Do: Use Tablet Arm Seating

Tablet arm lounge chairs and lobby seating solutions provide valued guests with a more comfortable visiting experience. Tablet arm chairs also add an extra element of cool to any lobby area. These versatile seating solutions will no doubt earn your space high grades from visitors on a daily basis. Keep you lobby makeover up to date with the latest trends and use tablet arm chairs. Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and OFM all offer cool tablet arm chair models like the Santa Cruz that will no doubt boost your corporate appeal.

Don't: Use Fabric Chairs

While several cool and durable fabric upholstery options are no doubt available from high end lobby seating manufacturers, your best bet is to use vinyl and leather. In most cases, fabric shows wear much more easily and simply won't last your businesses long enough to justify the investment. Higher grade fabrics from brands like Global Total Office and Lesro Industries are very nice, but for the money... why not choose leather and create a more luxurious feel to your space? In a nut shell, low grade fabrics won't hold up and high grade fabrics cost around the same price as leather. Invest your money in an upholstery option that will impress guests while looking great for years to come.

Do: Paint Before Installation

It's a smart idea to get rid of those lack luster taupe finishes no doubt droning out your office vibe. If you're planning to paint, there's simply no better time to do it than before furniture arrives. Get your team together on a weekend and throw a lobby painting and pizza party. While this may be a hard sell, it sure beats painting around your brand new furniture and hoping to avoid spills!

Don't: Paint Around Furniture

So you decided to paint your lobby once your new furniture was professionally installed? If this was the case, you no doubt spent twice the time needed and had to pray for no spills and unwanted drips. Any designer will tell you that paining before furniture is installed is an absolute must. You simply don't want to risk it. If you must paint after furniture is installed, use tarps and drop cloths to cover your seating and tables. This will help to prevent accidents and should be enough to keep your new furniture safe!
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