Monday, December 22, 2014

Office Decorating & Design Tips: Lobby Edition

Lobby Decorating & Design
A stylish lobby will help your business make a positive first impression on visitors. In today's post we'll highlight the the latest trends and decorating tips for guest welcoming areas that will help you do just that. Enjoy!

1.) Get Inspired

Before starting your lobby makeover project, you'll want to find some inspiration for the job! Visiting surrounding businesses, blogs, and design webpages will help spark your creativity.

2.) Ask for Help

When the pressure is on you to create a stunning space for your business, it can be overwhelming. One way to ensure your project gets rave reviews is to get your team involved. Ask for opinions and insight from your coworkers to ensure your new lobby has a little something for everyone while maintaining your overall vision.

3.) Research Trends

Researching the latest lobby design trends will help you keep your space up to date an on the cutting edge. This year tablet arm lounge chairs, glass coffee tables, and curved reception desks have all been incredibly popular. You can research additional lobby design trends on our blog as well!

3.) Shop for Value

In a nut shell, you'll feel much better about your lobby makeover project if you maximize your budget! Buying your lobby furniture from multiple sources will limit your opportunities for savings as many of the industries top brands will be happy to provide you with bulk discount pricing. Before making your purchase, be sure to contact your dealer of choice to inquire about coupons, specials, and additional savings you may qualify for.

5.) Prep Your Space

Once you've purchased your new lobby furniture, you'll want to start preparing your space for it's arrival. Start by creating a helpful staging area to place new furnishing when they arrive. This will ensure that your lobby doesn't become overcrowded during the installation process.

6.) Paint In Advance

Painting your lobby before your new furniture arrives is the way to go. You don't want to be covering your expensive new lobby seating and tables with drop cloths. Avoid the headaches and unwanted spills! Paint your space with your team about a week before your furniture arrives.

7.) Team Installation

The assembly and installation process can be extremely frustrating if you don't have the right number of people on hand for the project. Plan ahead with your team and schedule a time that works for all parties to tackle the installation. A group of 4 people can typically handle a small to medium sized lobby makeover in a single day. Most lounge chairs, sofas, and guest chairs ship partially or full assembled and this will save you time. Be sure to have basic tools on hand as well as a first aid kit in case of emergencies. Follow assembly instructions carefully and your install should be a breeze!

8.) Accents Matter

The accents used in your lobby will make a big difference in the overall feel of your space. Area rugs, lighting fixtures, magazine racks, and other accessories should be added to enhance the overall vibe your looking to create. Whether your going for swanky modern or at home comfort, you'll want to shop for complimenting room accents to take your space over the top. Antique and thrift stores, as well as home stores offer plenty of great products for the job.

9.) Share Your Work

When you've completed your lobby makeover, show it off! Take some pictures and post them on your company Facebook page. Try tweeting about your design challenges and post the steps of your makeover on Pinterest. The feedback, compliments, and even criticisms will help you become a better designer!
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