Thursday, January 22, 2015

Collaborative Work Environments: The Way Of The Future!

Open desking configurations have become the premier choice of interior design teams and office furniture professionals alike. As traditional cubicle and panel furniture systems get left behind, businesses are looking for innovative ways to create collaborative work spaces designed around efficiency and functionality. In today's post we'll highlight 5 of the absolute best collaborative minded furniture collection and their benefits. Enjoy!


Global Zira Series Desking

The Global Total Office Zira collection offers a wide range of conference tables, reception stations, and office desks we've all come to love. But what you may not know, is that this innovative line offers high quality open desking solutions designed to meet the needs of any open floor plan. Zira's extensive lineup of modular components will no doubt transform your office interiors into team oriented spaces ready to meet the needs of your modern business.


Princeton Office Furniture by Global

Another trending open desking line from our friends at Global Total Office, the Princeton series, is rocking work floors around the country in 2015. With a wide offering of unique office storage and bench seating solutions available, creating a one of a kind Princeton work environment is now easier than ever. Princeton desking is easy to spec and integrate into professional work spaces. Whether your office interiors are small or large, Princeton offers the interchangeable pieces needed to meet your specific needs.


e5 Desking

Mayline's e5 collection is amongst the industries hottest office furniture collections heading into 2015. The combination of modern and industrial style characteristics will boost your workplace appeal while helping you create the collaborative work environment you need to promote teamwork within your most important departments. The Mayline e5 collection offers high tech capabilities simply unmatched by many of the industries other best selling collections. The e5 plug and play capabilities will help your workers prevent those pesky trips under the desk to turn on devices and route wires. The work surface level power, USB, and HDMI inputs come in extremely handy and put technology at your fingertips.


Verde Multi User Desk

Not typically thought of as a premier line for collaborative work environments, the Cherryman Verde collection deserves some much needed attention! While this best selling office furniture line is no doubt amongst the premier options for private office environments, Verde can also work wonders on your work floor. Cherryman's preconfigured modern desk configurations can be joined together to create multi user executive workstations with the top notch appeal we've come to expect from this swanky line. Choose from two quick shipping finish options and minimize the office makeover headaches incurred from custom designing!


Mayline TransAction Series

Last but certainly not least, another high tech furniture line from our friends at Mayline! The super creative TransAction line boasts a wide range of tables and workstations ready to be interlinked to form some of the coolest collaborative configurations money can by. While TransAction is amongst the pricer open desking collections on the market, it does offer the workplace benefits needed to make up for it. Custom TransAction series work environments can be outfitted with modern power modules   installed by Mayline to ensure you office space operates at peak performance levels. TransActions metal leg design ensure durability while the wide range of laminate surface options help designers create out of this world interiors with ample wow factor!
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