Monday, January 19, 2015

Ergo Elegance: 6 High End Office Seating Solutions from Global Total Office

Looking for an elegant ergonomic office chair for your workspace? You'll have no shortage of options if you choose Global Total Office! This industry leading seating manufacturer takes pride in offering innovative office chairs designed for optimal support and functionality. In today's post we'll highlight 6 of Global's high end office chairs and their incredible benefits. Take your office efficiency to the next level with a Global chair in 2015!

1.) Spree

Spree Ergonomic Chair

Global's newest ergonomic office chair, the Spree is the perfect way to kick off today's post! The Spree is a modern marvel that will captivate you at first sight. These sleek designer chairs were specifically created to avoid restricting upper body movement and allow users to easily access space all around their work station. The unique lumbar area wraps around the users waist to provide a secure feeling while simultaneously creating excellent support. The seat slides to the rear and reclines while tilting to provide a smooth and comfortable tilt action. The front of the seat does not lift during tilting so the feet stay flat on the floor. The seat structure is flexible and suspended over space that allows the seat to move and flex with with user ensuring long-term comfort. Spree chairs feature a unique seat depth adjustment with controls at your fingertips. Controls are located on either side of the seat so the seat can easily slide and extend the roll out seat edge providing a 1.5" of additional seat depth.

2.) G20

G20 Chair

The G20 is a high quality office chair intended to bring harmony between form and function. Cast aluminum is used in the wide sweeping lines with delicate edge details and is carefully integrated with highly tooled nylon components to create a crisp simple profile. The cutting edge synchronized mechanism was designed to allow the back to smoothly tilt while the seat gently reclines to the rear. The back of the G20 chair is a special mesh composed of alternating vertical rows of clear elastomeric yarns and black polyester yarns. The G20's lumbar support is fully active. It can be raised or lowered to suit any user's preference! Designed with easy to use and effective adjustments, the G20 is amongst the best ergonomic office chairs on the market!

3.) Vion

Vion Mesh Chair

The Vion series high back mesh chair by Global Total Office offers incredible style and ergonomic features designed for optimal workplace efficiency. This designer office seating solution is available in your choice of mesh back and seat color to enhance workplace decor. Vion chair features include a polished base, adjustable arms, breathable mesh back, tilt tension control, pneumatic seat height adjustment, chair tilt lock, and much more! The weight sensing mechanism helps to prevent those troublesome lean-backs that result in that falling feel we all hate. Priced at just $412.99, the Vion is an absolute value and excellent ergo investment!

4.) Arti

Arti Chair

If you're in search of modern elegance and luxury appeal, the Arti series high back office chair is sure to provide your office space with that and more! The Arti chair back articulates like a human spine and reshapes itself to mimic the user’s profile – automatically responding to body movements and sitting positions. The back rest is linked together by internal steel cables and highly graded steel springs, which play a vital role in ensuring maximum strength and flexibility. Arti's frame and horizontal flexible wings are made with tough, highly engineered grade plastics. Select your Arti chair in one of 5 fashionable colors to show your individual office personality. A variety of fully upholstered, mesh, and segmented back Arti chairs are offered from Global in 2015.

5.) Roma Nester

Roma Nesting Chair

Meeting areas, training rooms, and classrooms are also in need of ergo elegance! If this is the case for your establishment, look no further than the Roma nesting chair from Global. As one of the most versatile and user friendly new seating solutions available on the market in 2015, Roma is nothing short of incredible! These space saving office chairs offer a sleek look that will help maximize seating around the conference table. Roma will keep any student comfortable and computing more effectively. When used in training applications, the Roma nester can be paired with flip top tables to create totally modular environments that are easy to clean and reconfigure when needed. Choose from a variety of awesome color options to suit your specific needs.

6.) Robust

Robust Big and Tall Chair

Last but certainly not least, the Global Total Office Robust office chair for big and tall users. Ready to support up to 500 pounds effectively, the Robust chair defines heavy duty in the workplace. The two tone finish options will help provide a stylistic face lift to any space while the width adjustable arms ensure a spacy sit. Additional ergonomic features of the Robust big and tall chair include a pneumatic seat height adjustment, forward and rearward seat tilt with infinite lock, and free floating back angle control. Robust chairs are standard with a six prong, oval tubular steel bases that are 32" in diameter for stability. The chair's casters are are suitable for hard surface flooring or carpet. If you are a big and tall individual in need of comfort and ergonomic luxury in the workplace, the Robust is perhaps the best solution available. You will not find a more reliable and stylish seating solution on the market!
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