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How To Create The Perfect Modern Office Space in 2015

Modern Office Transformation
Looking to take your office space to the next level in 2015? If so, you'll no doubt want to incorporate  modern furniture designed around the industries hottest collections while staying in line with the latest trends. In today's post we'll share the tips, tricks, and products you'll need to utilize to do just that!

1.) Asses Your Space

Before you jump online and start shopping for new office furniture, you'll want to properly assess your workspace. Start by obtaining the dimensions of your space and notating where your power outlets, entry ways, and windows are located. This will give you an idea of what size desks will work best for your particular space. Next, sketch out a few simple layout ideas you feel would be effective in your office. Be sure to leave room for storage and room accents as they will help boost your visual appeal!

2.) Get Inspired

Once you've assessed your office needs, it's time to get inspired! Browse your favorite search engine for terms like "modern office interiors" to get you started. In addition, you may consider visiting surrounding businesses. This will help you build relationships with your neighbors while no doubt inspiring your private office makeover. As your neighboring businesses what furniture lines, brands, dealers, and designers they've enjoyed working with. Be sure to compliment their furnishings and thank them for taking the time to help you in your quest to create the perfect modern office space.

3.) Shop The Top Lines

With an abundance of design inspiration, you'll be ready to hit the ground running! In order to save you time, we've provided a few modern office furniture collections you should consider for your project.

  1. The Cherryman Industries Verde furniture collection is available espresso and latte finish options. This full service line of modular desks, multi user workstations, reception stations, and conference tables offers cool white accents and a ton of modern features that will no doubt make your office interiors pop.
  2. The Mayline Medina collection has been the furniture worlds hottest seller since hitting the market last October. This trending line is available in 3 quick shipping finish options and won't break your budget. Medina's blending of laminate surfaces with glass and metal accents offers a luxurious modern look that's sure to impress.
  3. Need a custom office furniture configuration to fit your space effectively? If so, there's no better line than Zira! Global Total Office's best seller,  Zira offers a combination of laminate finishes, attractive handle pulls, glass hutch doors, and metal accents. Zira stations can be spec'd in any of Global's 10+ finish options. Two tone stations can also be created for a more personalized look! The Zira collection also includes conference room tables, office storage solutions, and reception stations to highlight your surrounding office areas.

4.) Use Trending Finishes

Using trending office furniture and wall finishes will help to keep your space not he cutting edge. Gray, turquoise, yellow, and red tones have all been hot to start the year. When creating your new office space, be sure to paint before adding in your new furniture. This will prevent unwanted paint spills on your new desk and will also expedite the process.

5.) Add A Cool Chair

The office chair you select for your space will be a major factor in determining your day to day comfort and productivity. It will also be a huge part of your decor! Finding a new office chair with high quality adjustable features has become easier and more affordable than ever. Brands like Global Total Office, RFM, and Eurotech have all kicked off the year with best selling executive chairs, computer chairs, and task seating solutions you'll love. If you need help selecting the perfect office chair for your space, consider searching for product reviews and blog posts online. We've written plenty! You can also contact your dealer of choice for product suggestions.

5.) Incorporate Storage

Organization is yet another key factor in any well rounded modern office space. Your business interiors won't get the respect they deserve if they are overly cluttered and messy. Start your new modern office on the right foot by incorporating lateral file cabinets, storage credenzas, and mobile pedestals to keep your important documents and stationary secure and organized. If you're limited on space, you can utilize a wall mount hutch unit. These versatile storage solutions will accent your room decor while providing space saving storage space on your walls instead of your floor!

6.) Go Ergo

Office ergonomics does not stop at the office chair! Any new office space should allot a portion of the makeover budget to a few basic ergonomic accessories that will make a huge difference in your day to day functionality. A dual screen monitor arm will increase your usable desk space while adding a high tech look that's sure to earn your office compliments. A retractable keyboard tray will also increase your usable desk space while providing a ton of posture and health benefits. Ergo professionals will be happy to provide assistance in this department if needed.

7.) Assembly & Installation

Once you're furniture arrives you'll want to have your team and space prepped for installation. Most office furniture ships KD (knocked down) and basic assembly is required. You'll want to have basic tools on hand as well as a first aid kit incase of emergency. Having a set of floor sliders is also a great ideas as most furniture is quite heavy. Once your furniture installation is complete, you'll want to be prepared for a big time cleanup. Furniture packaging is quite extensive and you will have plenty of debris and cardboard that needs disposing of. If installation seems a bit hard for your team to handle, professional services are available.

8.) Share Your Space

Once your modern office space is up and running, take a few pics and upload them to your social networks of choice. Your followers will love seeing your office transformation and are sure to provide you with plenty of praise. This is also a great way to keep in touch with your valued clients. Sharing your makeover story will make them feel like a part of your team! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are all great outlets for those looking to share their transformations online.
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