Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Reasons Why Napping On The Job Should Be Allowed!

Naps At Work
We all know napping on the job is a frowned upon practice. But should they be? Recent studies have shown that the occasional short nap at work can actually be beneficial to businesses and employees alike. In today's post we'll share 5 reasons why napping on the job is a good thing!

1.) Improves Focus

If you didn't get a good nights sleep, the odds are you're probably not focused at work. If you're not focused at work, you're probably falling behind. Unfortunately these typical instances are all too common in the modern work world. Allowing naps at work would allow employees to catch up on a little rest and regain focus for the remained of the day. Coffee is great, but it's no substitute for kicking back at your office desk and catching about 30 minutes of quality rest.

2.) Improves Concentration

Focus and concentration go hand in hand. Allowing a 30 minute nap period at work would ensure employees were more equipped to handle common daily tasks effectively. When we work in a fatigued state, our concentration starts to fade gradually. Catching a few Z's would ensure we all maintained our highest concentration levels and operated more efficiently. While operating on tedious tasks throughout the day can build frustrations, naps would help us all stay on an even keel. Work rested, be happy, be productive!

3.) Better Mood

Ever feel like everyone in the office is in a bad mood? Lack of rest could be the culprit! Taking a quick power nap in your office chair will reduce stress levels, prevent fatigue, and help us all avoid turning into grumps in the workplace. While a mood swing is not likely to be fully averted with a quick nap, it would certainly help! If you're feeling exhausted, frustrated, and grumpy, take a 10 minute rest and reap the rewards.

4.) Reduce Stress

Work is stressful! No matter what industry your'e in, stress is bound to find you at one time or another. Studies show that napping during the day will reduce stress and help you maintain a more positive attitude in the workplace. Stress can even be a killer! Many health issues are directly related to stress that could be overcome with short naps throughout the work week.

5.) Breaks Up The Day

Some times it's nice to just break up the day! Doing the same tasks, with the same people, at the same times can become a real drag. Taking a short nap after lunch will help break up the day and prevent you from the groggy feelings we all suffer from after that burger and fries we should of skipped at lunch. Break up your day with a 10 or 15 minute nap. When you awake, the rest of the day will fly by and you'll be more effective in the process!

While it's unlikely that naps on the job will be commonly accepted any time soon, there's very compelling evidence that shows they could actually beneficial. Allow your employees to take a quick rest and evaluate their productivity levels before and after. You might just be so surprised at the results you're turning your cubicles into bedrooms and conference tables into beds!
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