Wednesday, February 25, 2015

7 Office Design Trends That Are Here To Stay!

As new industry trends emerge, office interiors evolve to become more efficient and productive. That being said, in today's post we'll shine the spotlight on 7 of the hottest trends booming in 2015. From the use of open desking for work floor applications to modular lobby seating, these trends will have your office environments looking cutting edge for years to come!

1.) Open Desking

Open DeskingCubicles and panel furniture configurations will always have their place in business. However, open desking configurations are certainly dominating the market 2015. With an emphasis on collaboration and modern ergonomics, open desking configurations promote teamwork and productivity that can't be matched by the cubicle systems of the past. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office have introduced customizable open desking collections that offer high tech benefits like plug and play power modules and versatile storage options designed to keep your team working at peak performance levels. If your work floor is in need of a boost, go with open desking! This trend is here to stay.

2.) Powered Conference Tables

Powered Conference TableIf you want to kick meeting efficiency up a notch, you've got to go with a powered conference table! Solutions like the customizable Zira conference tables from Global offer USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, and Ethernet input options at surface level. No more running extension cords across your boardroom to power your devices. These tech savvy tables were once thought of as high dollar luxury items, but no more! With the popularity of this trend, designing your conference room around a powered table has become more affordable than ever. Take your boardroom to the next level while simultaneously impressing your valued visitors with the cutting edge capabilities of a powered conference table.

3.) Gray Office Chairs

Gray Office ChairGray is the new black! Integrating gray mesh, fabric, and leather office chairs into your work environments is the way to go in 2015 and beyond. Gray offers a swanky alternative to black that's still easy to match surrounding finishes to. As white chairs got a major popularity boost last year, gray seating solutions are easier to clean and will become even more popular for executive office, conference room, and home office settings. Top selling gray office chairs available this year include the Hendrix from Woodstock Marketing and Hawk from Eurotech Seating are must consider options for any office makeover project!
retro decor

4.) Retro Decor

Retro Office LightingIntegrating retro room accents is a great way to boost your corporate appeal. As the vintage look is always in style, adding cool elements to your interiors like lighting fixtures, area rugs, and wall art will help you take your work environments to the next level. They say the little details make the biggest difference. Go retro with your room accents and earn your interiors the compliments they deserve. The best part of this trend is that super cool retro decor can be found at local thrift stores and salvage yards at prices that won't break your makeover budget! Want to take the retro vibe a step further? Consider adding an old telescope to your high rise office or even an antique globe!

5.) Industrial Stools

Perhaps the desire to compliment the retro design boom has prompted the top seating manufacturers to introduce industrial style stools. No matter the reasoning, we love this cool new trend! Industrial office stools like the Endure from OFM will certainly turn heads in your work environments. Great for drafting, bistro, or guest waiting area applications, industrial stools like the Endure provide that little extra touch of style that's sure to make your interiors pop. In addition to the Endure from OFM, keep your eyes open for cool metal stools with industrial appeal at the thrift stores and salvage yards  when you're on the hunt for complimenting retro decor! As it will be hard to find several of the same model for your interiors, don't be afraid to mix things up with a few different styles.

6.) Bar Height Tables

Bistro TablesYou can't go wrong with bar height tables in your guest waiting area and break room! Bar height cafe tables and bistro tables alike provide businesses with a swanky look, similar to that of a cool restaurant. The welcoming feel and upscale look of bar height tables will boost corporate decor in a hurry. Brands like Mayline, OFM, and Global Total Office have all bolstered their top table collections to include bar height variations designed for just these reasons. Use a mix of bar height and dining height tables in your cafe and break room spaces to achieve a unique style that will be appreciated by your guests and workers alike!

7.) Modular Lobby Seating

Modular Lobby SeatingUsing modular seating in your guest waiting areas is just plain smart! The ability to quickly reconfigure, clean easily, and adapt effectively is invaluable. Collections like the Wind Linear from Global Total Office offer right arm, left arm, and armless lobby seating options to help you create versatile configurations for large and small areas alike. Going modular with your lobby seating configuration will also provide your business with the ability to add-on easily in the future. This means, if you move into a larger space, you can simply add a few more matching chairs to compliment the features of your interior without having to purchase all new furniture! Additional brands like OFM have introduced cool new modular lobby seating lines like the Triumph just this year. This is sure to be a hot trend for years to come. Get on board and go modular with your lobby makeover!
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