Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Make the Switch to a Powered Boardroom in 2015!

Looking for a way to wow corporate guests at the next business meeting? Powered boardroom tables are the answer! Combining the best of technology and classic utility, powered tables make presentations and conferences modern and professional. Check out today's article, and take your boardroom to the next level with efficient powered tables in 2015!

Global Zira Conference Table
It's no secret that in modern business, the race to have the latest and greatest is very real. Being one of the first to discover a new product or practice to improve company effectiveness can give business associates a competitive edge. Thankfully, with powered boardroom tables, everyone can stand to gain! Powered tables are more than just a place to sit - they are business tools. Gone are the days where writing on paper boards or plugging in unsightly power towers were the best ways to share ideas. Today, corporate officials are looking at the tables themselves to maximize efficiency and profitability!

With grommets and electrical outlets built in, powered boardroom tables make it possible to blend technology into the conversation. In offices where presentations and proposals are a regular occurrence, being able to plug a laptop or tablet right into the table provides endless possibilities for sharing information. Guests can bring their own technology to participate and take notes, offering tremendous functionality. By eliminating the unattractiveness of messy cables strewn across the floor, powered tables also increase visual appeal.

Mayline Medina Conference TableChoosing to add a powered table to the current array of effective conference room furniture is never a bad decision. The best modern office tables will provide aesthetic appeal as well as progressive technology to help a workplace reach its full potential. Popular table choices, like those from the Medina furniture collection by Mayline, offer affordability and modern styling to accentuate visual appeal. The Zira collection, from the line of popular Global office products, offers a dazzling array of color choices so the high tech tables will fit in with existing office decor. 

All these benefits combine to turn the classic boardroom into a contemporary venue. Surrounded by comfortable executive meeting chairs, powered conference tables put users first. By providing comfort and maximized utility, guests feel smarter and stronger, and are more capable in the office. The time saved plugging technology into a power stand is better spent by plugging into the table itself and being able to get on with the conference as planned. In the end, powered conference tables not only make life in the office easier, they also go a long way to increase productivity and effectiveness for everyone who sits down at the meeting.

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