Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Office Epidemics: The Cluttered Desk

The cluttered office space is one that's inefficient and unfortunately, all too common in the modern world. Whether you work at home, at school, or in an office, desks are usually central zone around which all work is done. However, a messy space can not only limit speed and productivity, but it can also become a terrible health hazard. That's why today, we're going clean things up! Enjoy this article loaded with helpful tips on the best ways to keep your office desk from becoming a disaster zone!

Computer Hogs

Cluttered computer space

As sleek and stylish as computers have become, many of them still manage to eat up a lot of desk space. For anyone with computers or laptops taking up all the work room, considering monitor arms could be a healthy - and cleanly - solution! Monitor arms work by mounting to a wall or desk to support a computer, laptop, or tablet away from the desktop, thus leaving plenty of extra workspace. Because the arms can often support dual screens and allow the user to manipulate the height and distance of their computer, monitor arms have become associated with productivity and a healthier posture. Adding computer monitor arms for efficiency has become a trend that organized workspaces can't live without.

Battling Office Bacteria

Messy Keyboard

Much like monitor arms, keyboard trays make clean offices prettier by increasing the amount of visible desk space. These sliding trays mount to the undersides of desks specifically to support keyboards. When not in use, they are hidden away. When needed, they slide back out and adjust to the user's needs. However, ergonomic health is not the only benefit. Because the keys in a keyboard catch all sorts of dust, food particles, and other unmentionables when out in the open, sliding ergonomic keyboard trays are an excellent means of eliminating health hazards. Give a regular wipe-down with a sanitation cloth and your desk will stay organized and sanitized!

Crushing the Clutter

Cluttered desktop

For many, the problem with cluttered offices is not bacteria - it's simply a matter of messiness. The high stakes world of business often commands a certain degree of high speed on the part of office workers, and when efficiency is top priority, desk management sadly takes a second seat. However, with office organizers and other simple office accessories, you can take back your desk without making a mess!
Office organizers are easy to afford, easy to make, and can turn a space from chaos into cleanliness without a lot of effort. Even a simple mug can go a long way toward eliminating a desktop of pens. Make the extra effort to fill the organizers with office necessities instead of your desk, clean them out every Friday, and in about a month, you should have developed a solid habit for organization that will serve you for years to come!

Sorting it Out

organizational problems

We all know someone who's desk looks like its been hit by a paper tornado, but don't let that house fall on you! Proper filing and storage are the most effective means to eliminate unnecessary clutter in a cramped office. Adding file and storage cabinets, flat files, or other storage devices, like wall hooks and shelving provide the extra surface space to set items often without taking up floor space. Filing any documents away immediately will help to reduce the amount of papers that accumulate on your desk. Building modular workstations help eliminate the problem by putting all storage within arm's reach of the user. In addition, going paperless with a scanner, and regularly cleaning out old computer files will clear up the desk and improve the speed and lifespan of your computer!

Untangling the Web of Wires

Wire clips

One final problem that hasn't been done away with by technology is the problem of tangled wires. Office users who rely heavily on gadgets know the struggles of a tangled workspace. The wires of hard drives, lamps, computers, laptops, phones, keyboards, and computer mice will rile themselves into a frenzy if left unchecked. That's why investing in wire holders is such an expedient choice. Wire holders keep the lines from getting out of control, and they don't have to cost a lot. Many office workers detangle the mess with a few simple binder clips clipped to the desk!

*Bonus Tip: Save those bread clips! The little pieces of plastic are useful for writing down the source of each wire (for example, "hard drive") and clipping them to right wire so you always know which wire belongs to which device.
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