Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Symmetry Office Products Now Available at!

Symmetry Office
Symmetry Office Products are now available at! This high end line of ergonomic office solutions includes monitor arms, keyboard trays, and versatile office accessories designed to improve workplace efficiency. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at this top manufacturer and their awesome products. Enjoy!

Allure Monitor ArmSymmetry's ergonomic monitor arms are amongst the best in the business! These adjustable units can be quickly and easily integrated into professional workstations to create usable desk space while improving the rate at which operators compute. The Allure single screen monitor arm is user friendly and affordable. This base unit is ideal for smaller workstations and home office environments. Additional Symmetry monitor arms are available to accommodate up to 8 screens. Create a high tech office space designed for fast paced business with Symmetry monitor arms!

Ergonomic Keyboard TrayIf you're still computing with your keyboard tray resting atop your desk surface, it's time to move into the modern world of office ergonomics! With a retractable keyboard tray from Symmtery you'll be able to quickly improve posture and blood flow while helping prevent the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome! Symmetry keyboard trays like the Balance 1 combo unit include articulating mechanisms designed to mount directly underneath your work surface. These heavy duty units offer a wide range of side to side, up and down, and angle adjustment capabilities to help users reach the perfect computing angle.

Aurora Desk LampShed some light on your office space with one of Symmetry's cool desk top lamps. Units like the Aurora LED desk lamp offer the ability to rotate, bend, and adjust to illuminate any project your working on. The Symmetry Dome lamp actually features two user friendly USB ports to charge your devices while you work. No more plugging in your phone under your desk where it's out of reach.

In addition to desk lamps, Symmetry offers super cool under mount task lighting solutions that integrate underneath your high wall credenza cabinets. These affordable and easy to install units are energy efficient and far less costly to operate than those high dollar overhead lights. Symmetry's under mount lights are available in rotating, magnetic, LED, and fluorescent variations. Choose from a variety of size options to fit your cabinets.

Align Laptop CartMobile computer stations provide a ton of workplace benefits! Schools and healthcare environments are integrating these ergonomic tools regularly and enjoying the performance boosts. That being said, nits like the Symmetry Align series laptop cart are amongst the premier options available in 2015. This high tech computer station features a retractable keyboard tray, extra stable base with locking wheels, storage, and easy to clean surfaces. Try an Align cart once and you'll wonder how you ever operated without it!

Adjustable Foot RestSimple tools like ergonomic foot rests help users take pressure off the knees and reduce fatigue in the workplace while computing. Foot rests like the FR-1 from Symmetry provide an affordable option for shoppers in need of such support. The FR-1 is available in 2015 for just $62.99. This adjustable foot rest offers an ample 16" wide surface, 4 tilt angle settings, and an aesthetically pleasing design that's sure to enhance your space.

In the coming months, Office Furniture Deals plans to expand our offering of Symmetry Office products with the addition of height adjustable tables, presentation boards, and super cool ergonomic products sure to boost your performance at work. Stay tuned for product updates and reviews!
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