Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5 Must Have Items For Fast Paced Work Environments

Working in a fast paced work environment where time is always of the essence? If so, we've got 5 key office items that will help you maximize your days. These modern must haves improve ergonomic efficiency and functionality in even the busiest environments. Enjoy!

1.) Dual Screen Monitor Arms

Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Still operating with a single computer screen sitting on your office desk? If so, you're loosing valuable time that could be easily saved when computing. Dual screen monitor arms will speed up your work day while simultaneously helping you and your office teammates recapture valuable desk space that can be used for other essential activities. Dual screen monitor mounts from brands like ESI, Global Total Office, and Mayline offer the adjustment capabilities needed to work more comfortably in office interiors both small and large. Consider adding dual screen monitor mounts to your workstations in 2015. Once you make the switch, you'll be wondering how you ever got by without them!

2.) Mobile Computer Stations

ESI Mobile Computer Station

Mobile computer stations like the WOW from ESI Ergonomic Solutions are perfect for fast paced work environments! These versatile tools can be quickly moved from space to space throughout the day. Units like the WOW mobile computer station are must haves for hospitals, schools, and dentist offices. With cutting edge ergo benefits abounding, mobile computer workstations offer far more capabilities than stationary desks and the tablets we typically hand carry around from space to space.

3.) Tablet Mounts

Adjustable Tablet Mount

Modern businesses are utilizing tablets more than ever. These powerful devices have become valuable tools that save time and make work environments more efficient. With this emerging trend, ergonomic product manufacturers have introduced helpful tablet mounts that attach directly to any work surface. No more setting your tablet down, leaning over it, and practicing bad posture. These mounts adjust quickly to meet any users desired working preferences and save time when switching back and forth between computer and tablet applications. Add a tablet mount to your reception station, conference table, and private office desks and watch the benefits stack up!

4.) Height Adjustable Tables

Height Adjustable Tables

Sit to stand tables encourage continuous body movement and reduce common body stressors that cause fatigue. Utilizing adjustable height tables in your fast paced workspace will revitalize user blood flow, boost energy levels, and much more. Provide your office employees with the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to any situation more effectively. Brands like Global Total Office, Ergonomic Concepts, and Mayline offer the best sit to stand workstations on the market!

5.) Power Modules

Power Modules

Desks and workstations from trending furniture collections like Zira from Global Total Office can now be outfitted with custom power modules to increase productivity. No more frustrating trips under the desk to plug in devices and route cords. In the conference room, these power modules can be mounted directly into table surfaces to provide multi media benefits not found in years past. Options like HDMI, Phone, Audio, USB, and Ethernet can all be integrated to take your work environments to the next level. If you're operating a fast paced business, consider powering up your office interiors in 2015. While this typically requires purchasing new furniture, the investment will pay dividends in time saved!
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