Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Are You Effectively Fighting Stress At Work?

Everyone knows stress is a killer, but in the workplace, nothing is worse! Unbridled anxiety is like a ball and chain that not only leaves victims unhappy, but it reduces productivity, efficiency, and skillfulness - leaving employees virtually helpless to do a good job. If this sounds like you and stress has been giving you a hard time at work, don't fret. Take a deep breath. This list of helpful hints is here to help!


It may sound strange, but all too often physical pain is one of the most common sources of stress in the workplace. Incorrect posture, improper lifting techniques, and defective office furniture can all contribute to the kinds of pain office employees experience. Neck, shoulder and back pain, wrist pain, leg pain, abdominal pain, and even foot pain can all become the results of poor posture and flawed or outdated office accessories. This is why ergonomic office furniture holds such a high value in the workplace. Because ergonomic furniture is designed around the human form to enforce proper posture, the body never forces itself into the contorted positions that cause pain.
Even something as simple as turning one's head repeatedly to view a computer screen can result in terrible neck problems. Embracing the value of ergonomic products, like adjustable monitor arm, can reduce or eliminate your stress simply by tackling pain.

Quality Rest

Like proper posture, getting quality rest is one of the best natural ways to address workplace stress. In a study polled by Sleep in America, results found that individuals who were diagnosed with anxiety and depression were likely to sleep less than six hours per night! In worst-case scenarios, insomnia can cause accidents, can dumb you down and cause forgetfulness, weight gain, and even critical health conditions like heart disease. Ensuring you get enough quality sleep can not only improve your productivity in the office - it can improve your life.

Eating Healthy

A healthy diet and exercise can make all the difference in the world to someone who actively pursues them. Eating right can give you more energy, better focus, and improve your overall outlook on life - thankfully, that also includes your job! For office workers, breaking out the blueberries, walnuts, yogurt, and dining on a light sandwich with some avocado can massively increase your focus and energy, filling you up without weighing you down. To avoid bacteria at the desk though, try investing in retractable keyboard trays that mount under the desk and slide out of sight. Fallen crumbs attract bugs and contribute to the buildup of germs, making keyboards one of the dirtiest pieces of office equipment you can have. Sliding a keyboard out of the way for lunch is one of the best ways to improve the health of your cubicle!

Group Collaboration

That old saying, "Many hands make light work," isn't an exaggeration - especially when it comes to stress. Group collaboration on large projects is one of the greatest tactics for saving yourself loads of stress when the deadlines are pressing. In addition to lighter workloads (and less stress) for everyone, group collaboration also builds bonds of teamwork between coworkers, helping to strengthen the company as a whole. For those seeking to foster teamwork in their office, investing in conference room furniture, such as a long meeting table, presentation equipment, or training room accessories can coworkers share ideas in the conference room. Choosing to invest time and skills in a few interns can give you a pool of highly qualified applicants with knowledge of how your company runs when the time to hire resurfaces.

Stretch and Exercise

Finally, we leave you with one of the best-reputed methods of de-stressing around - stretching and exercise. Experts agree that taking the time to stretch and work one's body can do wonders for health, life outlook, and self-esteem. Unfortunately, too many people fall under the impression that a healthy body requires lots of time - something many Americans have significant trouble finding in our fast-paced world. However, with the right equipment, office-yoga and deskercising have become the effective new way to work in a workout at work!
All it takes is a chair and a desk, and with the guidance of a few informational videos (something you can find for free on Youtube.com) you can have a healthier body in no time. What's better, some furniture companies have invested in the manufacture of specialized office chairs, like the Chakra chair by Eurotech. This chair combines the comfort of ergonomics with the zen-inducing qualities of zoomorphic design to create a chair that's perfect for office exercise. Short, five minute breaks of exercise every hour is all it takes. If the boss is walking the halls, even just a few deep breaths can untie the knots in your belly, giving stress the boot!
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