Monday, March 23, 2015

Chair of The Week: iOO by Eurotech Seating

Eurotech Seating iOO ChairThe iOO office chair by Eurotech has taken the professional seating world by storm. As Eurotech phases out their popular Wau chair collection, the iOO is ready to fill the space in a major way! These awesome new chairs offer high end ergonomic features, out of this world style, and much more. Lets take an in-depth look at the iOO!


The iOO office chair is poised to dominate the mesh back seating category in 2015. These ultra modern mesh chairs combine the European design characteristics we've come to expect from Eurotech Seating, as well as a true commitment to ergonomics. The iOO will captivate you at first glance and draw you in for a sit. Once seated, there's no turning back! These incredible new chairs will have you instantly hooked. The sleek curves and attention to detail makes iOO one of the coolest office chairs on the market.

Modern Office ChairsErgonomics:

iOO Chair HeadrestPrepare yourself for improved performance in the workplace! The iOO is ready to deliver a wide range of adjustment features specifically designed to boost functionality. The weight sensing tilt tension control mechanism adapts to the recline weight of each user. Users can also activate the tilt lock feature to set their desired working angle quickly. The iOO also features a 2.8" ratchet back height adjustment that moves the backrest up or down relative to the chair seat for personalized lumbar support. When combined with waterfall seat to take pressure off the knees while working and multi functional arms, the iOO leaves no ergonomic stone unturned. These new age task chairs do it all!


Eurotech iOO Chair ReviewThere's not much you can't do with an iOO chair from Eurotech. Great for all day tasking and computing applications, the iOO offers the needed adjustment features desired by users to continuously operate at peak performance levels. Add the optional headrest and the iOO makes an awesome executive seating solution that's sure to impress your valued office visitors. While the iOO wasn't designed for the conference room, we feel they would make a welcome addition to any meeting space. The light and airy mesh back and modern design characteristics would make the iOO a standout feature of any meeting area looking to modern with the decor theme.


Best Selling Office Chairs by EurotechPriced slightly higher than it's predecessor the Wau chair, the iOO offers a lot more for the money. At $560, you'll be hard pressed to find a more functional and user friendly chair on the market. Needless to say, the iOO is truly cutting edge. Both the white and black iOO and the all black iOO chairs sure to boost workplace decor and performance. Add on the optional headrest for just $32 for an upscale executive look that's sure to impress.

Final Grades:

Comfortable, versatile, and incredibly stylish, the iOO truly deserves it's A+ grade. The ability to quickly adapt to suit the needs of any user, the iOO is ready to meet the demands of the modern workplace. We feel the iOO modern mesh chairs will end 15' as one of the years best sellers. If you're going for a cutting edge look, the iOO is the way to go!
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