Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Global Total Office Furniture is Well Worth The Wait!

Global Total Office
If you're looking to create the ultimate workspace, you'll need to plan in advance. By not backing yourself into a tight project deadline, you'll open up extensive design possibilities that will no doubt take your interiors to the next level. Brands like Global Total Office provide some of the coolest, most comfortable, and down right functional workplace solutions on the market. Their 3 to 4 week lead time may sound a bit lengthy for businesses looking to furnish office environments in a hurry, but those who plan ahead will be rewarded with truly impressive furniture that's ready to earn your office interiors the compliments it deserves. In today's post we'll highlight the awesome furniture and seating from Global Total Office and show you why their products are worth the wait!

Global Total Office Aspen ChairsTired of the same old office chairs with the same old features and the same old color options? Us too! Thankfully brands like Global Total Office exist to break the mold. This year, Global has brought to market a plethora of trendy new office chairs like the Vion, Arti, and Spree, as well as long time favorites like the Accord and Aspen. These customizable seating solutions are available in a ton of swanky leather, fabric, and vinyl upholstery options that will take your workplace decor to the next level. Waiting 3 to 4 weeks for a chair that's guaranteed to provide superior comfort and versatility is small price to pay. Global's commitment to ergonomics in the workplace is second to none. The adjustment features incorporated into Global's new chairs will have you operating at peak performance levels in no time.

Modern Lounge FurnitureIn addition to their incredible seating, Global takes pride in providing some of the best new lounge furniture collections on the market. Both the Wind Linear and Ballara lines offer modular capabilities that allow businesses to quickly reconfigure, add on, and adapt at a moments notice. The all new modern lounge chairs from the Sirena collection can be outfitted with casters for mobility as well as versatile tablet arms and lower level storage shelves. Taking your time with your office makeover and choosing a respected brand like Global for your furniture will allow you to choose from awesome lines like these. Don't settle for a sub par interior. Go with Global and have new furniture manufactured specifically for your and your business!

This year, Global has taken the furniture world by storm with their new modern reception desks from the popular Zira collection. Known for it's superior functionality, power options, stunning two tone finish options and much more, Zira has made itself the premier choice of industry professionals and interior design teams alike. Zira reception desks can be configured for single or multi user applications in rectangular, L shaped, and U shaped designs. These top of the line reception desks will earn your welcoming area daily compliments while providing your receptionist with the cutting edge features needed to operate at peak performance levels.

Elliptical Conference TableIn just 3 to 4 short weeks you can outfit your conference room with a stunning table ready to meet the needs of your modern business. You can also opt to select an out of the box model from a competing brand that's been sitting on a shelf for months. Trust us, Global's tables are well worth the wait! The elliptical conference tables highlighted in the alba collection offer an industrial look with cool metal legs and sleek curves. These affordable boardroom tables are available for as little as $456.99 in 2015 making them even more attractive. Alba tables can be outfitted with custom power modules designed to take meeting area performance to the next level. If you want to the best on a budget, you've gotta be willing to wait a couple weeks! While in stock Alba tables are available with a faster turnaround, we recommend waiting and going with a custom color like White Chocolate or Absolute Acajou to set your space apart from the competition.

Modular WorkstationDid we mention that this full service brand also specializes in modular workstations for private office and work floor applications? Global truly does it all! The ability to source all your furniture and chairs from one manufacturer is truly a luxury. Global's open desking from collections like Bridges will boost collaboration in the workplace and provide a nice change of pace from the lack luster cubicle systems of the past. In addition, the stunning executive furniture configurations available from lines like Dufferin, Halton, and Lufton will add a touch of sophistication and class to any office interior. With furniture this nice, no wait is too long!
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