Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Introducing The All New Eurotech Nuvem Chair!

White Leather Nuvem Chair with Teak Accents
Tired of the same old office chair designs? If so, we've got something that'll spark your interest! The all new Nuvem chair from Eurotech Seating is anything but ordinary. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at the Nuvem and all it's innovative features. Enjoy!

Eurotech Seating Nuvem ChairAt first glance you'll notice the incredible modern design characteristics showcased by the Eurotech Nuvem chair. You'll be instantly drawn in for a sit, only to notice the cutting edge features that make these new office chairs great. The Nuvem is practically an independent office. With the exception of organizing files, there's not much you can't do from one of these modern chairs!

Cutting Edge Office ChairChairs this comfortable can be dangerous in the office. Kick back in the Nuvem and you'll surely want to doze off for a quick nap. The rich leather upholstery and supportive cushioning makes for a reliable sitting experience any user will appreciate. Designed for both the home and professional executive office, the Nuvem is incredibly versatile and ergo friendly.

Priced at $2026.00, the Nuvem may be a bit much for the average budget. But as they say, you get what you pay for! The Nuvem includes a matching ottoman that will allow you kick your legs up and relax while working. The adjustable tablet arm makes the perfect work surface for tablets and lap tops. As the tablet arm seating trend builds momentum in 2015, Eurotech has truly raised the bar with the Nuvem.

Modern Tablet Arm Reclining Office ChairThe Nuvem collection was introduced by Eurotech Seating with two cool color combinations for users to choose between. The black leather Nuvem chair with aluminum frame accents offers a space-age modern look that's sure to wow your office visitors. The white leather Nuvem chair offers the perfect blend of retro and contemporary design characteristics with it's teak finished wood trim. No matter the Nuvem you select for your space, rest assured that compliments will be sure to follow.

With an unmistakably modern and bold design, it's hard to miss the Nuvem when it's present in a workspace. These new chairs from Eurotech have taken the seating world by storm! With it's 3 reclining positions and swanky accessories, it's hard to give the Nuvem any grade other than A+! These ergonomic executive chairs mean business!
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