Thursday, March 5, 2015

Office Advancements: Modern Technology In The Workplace

Modern technology and office ergonomics have combined to boost performance in 2015. This year, top brands have introduced advanced new products that are guaranteed to kick productivity into high gear. From power modules to smart seating solutions, we're highlighting this years hottest office advancements. Enjoy!

Isle Power Module by Symmetry OfficePower modules are now being relied up to boost efficiency in office reception, training, meeting, and guest waiting areas. The ability to provide your work environments will plug and play capabilities will no doubt save your business time and money. No more running extension cords across the conference room to utilize lap tops and access presentations. Factory installed power modules available in modern conference table variations like the Zira from Global Total Office can be outfitted with USB, HDMI, Audio, and Ethernet, and Phone inputs to take kick performance into high gear. Portable towers like the Isle from Symmetry Office can be taken from room to room too add power when needed. Group desking configurations are also being designed with surface level power ports to avoid those pesky trips underneath the desk to plug in devices. As technology in the workplace evolves, we expect all the big time industry players to introduce more and more powered furnishings that will no doubt rock our office interiors!

Height Adjustable Table Desk
Sit to stand desks are the latest craze. The ability to quickly adapt to meet the needs of any workplace situation is highly desirable, and thus a major contributor to this growing furniture trend. Adjustable height desks and ergonomic workstation layouts promote continuous body movement that helps to prevent muscle stiffness in the office. Tables like the Foli from Global Total Office and the RGE from Mayline can be used in private office and training applications to add an extra touch of versatility that's sure to be appreciated by you and your visitors. While desks that adjusted by hank crank systems were once the standard, in 2015 modern technology has moved the industry towards electric systems that are far easier to use.

These days, anything with a screen can be mounted in the workplace! Brands like Symmetry Office, ESI Ergonomic Solutions, and Global Total Office have all introduced awesome new multi-screen monitor mounts designed to increase the rate at which we compute on a daily basis. Monitor arms also help to create additional work surface space that will no doubt come in handy. In addition to computer monitor mounts, tablet mounting systems have also become incredibly popular. With more and more workers integrating tablets into their office lifestyle, mounts were sure to follow. These clamp and grommet mount systems work great in reception, private office, training, and healthcare facilities. Don't switch from computer to tablet by sitting your device in your lap or on your work surface. Adjust quickly with a techy mount system and improve your productivity.

Virtual KeyboardAnother cool little accessory that showcases office technology at it's finest is the virtual keyboard tray. Now you can type effectively wherever you go! Let's be honest, we all hate getting autocorrected and typing in general on our phones and tablets. Need to send an important email while you're out of the office? No problem! Simply link up your virtual keyboard and type away. All you need is a work surface. Now you can work effectively right from your local coffee shop without the need for your hefty laptop. Virtual keyboards are super easy to use and work well with most tablets and cell phones. You can pick up a really good one from Brookstone for about $120. When not in use, the base module that projects the keyboard can be easily stored in your pocket or vehicle arm rest. Very cool, very effective, and very advanced!

Open DeskingOld school cubicles and panel furniture systems are rapidly being replaced with advanced open desking systems. These versatile new workstations promote collaboration in the workplace and truly showcase the advancements being made in the furniture industry. While you won't find as much privacy in an open desking configuration, you will find super cool storage options and layout possibilities you never thought were possible. The modular capabilities of open desking allows businesses to create one of a kind configurations designed to properly accommodate interiors both small and large.

RFM Verte Chair
The world of professional office seating is always advancing. And this year, smart seating is taking over. Chairs that react to your body movements eliminate the need to regularly adjust to find support. This saves time and prevents shoppers from buying expensive ergonomic office chairs, only to never adjust the features it's designed with to reach optimal comfort. Chairs like the Verte from RFM Preferred Seating where amongst the first to set this trend in motion. Before you know it, smart seating will have become the industry standard. While we still expect to have to adjust chair arms and height for the time being, there's no telling just how advanced the office chair can get! If you're looking to purchase a smart office chair of your space, expect to open your pocket book. Chairs like the Verte are priced well over a thousand bucks with lower end models from competing brands available for around $700. If you can swing it however, you'll be rewarded with unmatched comfort.
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