Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Woodstock Ravi Seating

The all new Ravi seating collection by Woodstock Marketing is an absolute winner. These awesome new chairs provide excellent support and contemporary design characteristics that are sure to make any workspace pop. In today's post we'll take an in depth look at the Ravi collection and it's benefits. Enjoy!

1.) Style

Ravi Office Chair Review

At first glance you'll notice the contemporary appeal of the Ravi. The sleek, slim line design saves space in the office while the elegant curvature of the chair back boost the cool modern look. The Ravi is unlike most of the mesh back chairs on the market. In a seating category where all the chairs have started to look a alike, the Ravi is a breath of fresh air. The unique design and style features will make the Ravi a premier seating option in 2015 and beyond.

2.) Ergonomics

Woodstock Ravi Chair

For a chair with non-adjustable arms, the Ravi still offers some great ergonomic features. The adjustable tilt tension allows for a customizable lean that's sure to be appreciated by users. The Separate tilt lock function provides you with the ability to set the angle at which you sit to ensure your back stays in contact with the chair at all times. The Woodstock Ravi chair also comes standard with a durable pneumatic cylinder that's a staple of today's best office chairs. When combined with a breathable mesh back that's sure to keep you cool while working around the office, the Ravi doesn't leave much to be desired in terms of ergo features.

3.) Applications

Ravi Chair - Side View

Woodstock Ravi seating works great in a variety of office applications. Use the Ravi as a computer chair at your home or business and feel rewarded with reliable comfort and style to match. That being said, we feel the Ravi is best suited for the conference room. While the chair dimensions are generous, the Ravi is still sleek enough to help you maximize the number of guests that can fit around a conference table. The loop arm design is also a preferred option for meeting areas and the cool color options will help any business take their conference room decor to the next level.

4.) Colors 

Red and Gray Office Chair

Ravi chairs are available in three unique color combinations. Our favorite is the variation with red seat and gray back. The most popular black on gray model provides a simplified look that's easy to match accent furnishings with. Lastly, the gray on gray Ravi chair offers the best of both worlds. As gray office chairs have been trending in 2015, all models will help you capitalize on this growing movement.

5.) Price

Ravi Chair Back

For the everyday low price of just $229.00 the Ravi can be yours. We feel this price point is quite competitive and makes the Ravi an excellent buy. When compared to similar models from competing manufacturers we shall not name, the Ravi out performs and is a welcoming addition to the world of professional office seating. At $229.00 you really can't go wrong by adding a Ravi chair to your workspace.

6.) Criticisms

Best New Office Chairs

There's really not too much to pick on the Ravi about. All things considered this is a pretty well rounded office chair that's sure to keep you comfortable. The possible addition of adjustable arms would add an extra element of versatility that would make the Ravi a bit more functional for tasking applications. Adding a head rest would be a nice touch for taller users and would definitely provide a bit more neck support. In addition, a metal 5 star base would be a nice upgrade but probably wouldn't be worth the price increase needed to justify it. Woodstock has done a nice job with the Ravi and there's really not too much tweaking needed.

7.) Final Grades

Office Chair Reviews

We give the Woodstock Marketing Ravi chair an overall grade of B+. While the Ravi can't do as much as today's top of the line ergonomic chairs, it's not meant to. If you're looking for a chair with extensive adjustment features, the Ravi might not be the option for you. However, if you're looking to keep things simple around the office, add a boost of modern appeal, and get comfortable without the need to adjust 15 different features, you simply can't go wrong with the Ravi.
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