Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Office Design 101: The Difference is in the Details

Any interior, when designed correctly is a work of art. And with art, the difference is in the details! Sure the right furniture and layout are important parts of any design space, but it's the details that really make an interior feel "complete," and convey to visitors what the business is all about. In today's article, we explore the importance of these details, offering helpful hints along the way to get you started. Check it out!


Color scheme is an enormous feature of any room, but unfortunately, it can be done wrong in a ton of ways. Remembering to keep the rules of the color wheel in mind when designing the look of your office is something amateur designers sometimes forget - and it can come back to bite them. If you know the style and color of furniture you want, whether it be lounge chairs for reception, or seating for conference room use, try to ensure the colors will all look good together.

Colors next to one another on the color wheel will compliment each other well (and in general, neutral colors like tan, taupe, and browns will look good with almost anything). Adding a bit of the color opposite your main color choice, even if it's something as simple as a lamp shade, throw pillows, or wall art will spice up the look of your office and help to make it pop!


The look of a room is important, but so important to forget functionality? Not even close. Office environments depend upon useful tools and furniture to keep guests and employees top-notch throughout the day. For those with more classical tastes, we understand that affordable ergonomic seating may appear bulky or industrial, but it's important to remember it's design and functionality. A quality ergonomic chair may make all the difference in the way your back feels when you drive home in the afternoon, so don't just brush it aside during the design phase.

In addition, consider adding other ergonomic office tools, such as monitor and tablet arms, retractable keyboard trays, and dual purpose lighting fixtures. Devices like these are designed with the health of office workers in mind and can help prevent office-related illnesses or injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome, spine curvatures, chronic neck pain, aggravated arthritis, aching joints, and computer eye strain are all classic office symptoms that can disappear with the assistance of an ergonomic tool!

Wall Art

For an office without windows, wall art is the next best thing. Whether you work in an executive workspace or at reception desks in the waiting room, a few simple art pieces can turn a space from a claustrophobic panic room into a visual oasis! Try to choose art that appeals to you, yet roughly works with your office color scheme. Anything too outlandish can throw the look of a place off, or change the atmosphere (which is particularly important in professional business settings). Typically, nature scenes, black and whites photography, or abstract paintings are safe choices. Hang them up around any part of the office that can get stifling. Even if it's just a painting, a window of any kind offers a relaxing escape.

Storage Space

Most people think of office storage as something that has to be hidden away in a back room, but in reality, storage can look great anywhere, with the right furniture that is. In the office, classy wood storage cabinets can help to give a more homey feel, making the furniture seem more in-tune with it's surroundings; metal storage cabinets can help an office seem more industrious or professional. The right choice just depends on the atmosphere you want your office to convey.

In smaller offices, shelving offers an ideal solution to freeing up floor space. Some office furniture brands have even been working on offering storage in plain sight! Options like the 3372 Leather Sirena chair by Global offers a chair with storage space, so visitors can have someplace to tuck a purse or a magazine waiting for their name to be called. Talk about clever!


And finally, the finishing details! Office accents are some of the funnest tools to design with. The average office desk offers endless opportunities for personalization and improvement. Simple photos of the kids or the family pet can help to make a cubicle your own. Dressing up the workstation with colored paper, trinkets, and souvenirs from a recent vacation can offer the same homey effect. Adding cork boards to hang up flyers, memos, or the kids' artwork helps keep paper off the desk. Even something as simple as a desk organizer can help things stay neat and tidy as you work, while also offering a sense of style. For that final touch, a simple office plant can help to purify the air so that every breath feels fresh and energizing - and in the office, that's something we all need!

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