Friday, March 13, 2015

Office Trends: Tablet Chairs In The Conference Room

Tablet Arm Conference Chair
Tablet chairs are the latest office craze. Interior design teams, industry professionals, and consumers alike are looking to tablet arm seating to boost versatility and functionality in the workplace. This year, incorporating tablet chairs into the conference room has been incredibly popular. In today's post we'll share the benefits of tablet chairs in the conference room and showcase the top models sure to take your meeting area over the top. Enjoy!

If you're designing a multi media conference room, tablet arm chairs are the way to go! The ability to work with tablets and mobile devices effectively without hunching over the conference table is a huge plus. Tablet arm chairs will allow your guests to work more comfortably during long meetings while streamlining the meeting process. Whether your guests are delivering important presentations or taking notes, an office chair with an adjustable tablet arm will definitely come in handy!

Going for a lounge type atmosphere in your boardroom? You're not alone! This trending movement has been gaining quick momentum in 2015. That being said, it's hard to maximize conference room seating when using lounge chairs around meeting tables. Adding tablet arm lounge seating will certainly improve the potential of your space. Accenting the perimeter of your boardroom with tablet arm lounge chairs will help you accommodate more guests during meetings and strategy sessions. While they may not be seated at the main conference table, your perimeter guests won't be at a disadvantage because they'll have a functional work surface to operate on.

In 2015 brands like Global Total Office, OFM, and Mayline are paving the way for the tablet arm chairs in the workplace. These industry leading manufacturers are offering cutting edge tablet seating designed with excellent ergonomic features and high end modern appeal. Let's take a look at some of their top models!

Tablet Arm ChairDealing with limited space? No problem! The Global Total Office Sonic series 6513T side chair with tablet arm is the perfect solution. These fixed leg guest chairs work great in professional training, classroom, and conference room settings. The Sonic is priced affordably at $242.99. Shoppers will enjoy a choice of 4 cool color options as well as optional casters to provide increased mobility.

The OFM ORO200 model big and tall tablet chair is premier option for the boardroom. Capable of accommodating guests up to 400 pounds, the ORO is ready to work at all times! The adjustable tablet arm is sure to provide guests with an enjoyable tool to utilize throughout those important meetings. Priced at $528.25, the ORO is a bit pricey for the average conference room chair budget. However, those who can swing it will no doubt enjoy improved versatility and comfort in the boardroom. Trust us, your guests will thank you!

Using tablet arm lounge chairs in the conference room is just plain smart. The ability to accommodate more guests without the need of a larger table shows design ingenuity. That being said, Mayline's Santa Cruz series tablet arm lounge chairs are a premier choice that should be considered for every meeting area. These leather lounge chairs are available in two attractive color options and feature mobilized casters for easy reconfiguring. At just $665.99, businesses should consider using these awesome new chairs in the boardroom as well as the waiting room!
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