Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Keep It Simple with Your Office Chair!

With all the ergonomic advancements out nowadays, sometimes trying to figure out how a brand new office chair works can feel like rocket science. However, when it comes to technology, gadgets are only as good as their owners, and in a world where office furniture is becoming ever more sophisticated, chairs are no different. For those of you out there seeking comfort, not confusion, look no further! Today's article highlights favorite user friendly chairs with ergonomic features. Enjoy!

First up is the iDesk Oroblanco by Cherryman Industries (don't worry, it's much easier to use than pronounce!) This popular user-friendly chair covers all the basics of ergonomic comfort, providing support and easily adjustable features, so users don't have to have a degree in mechanical engineering to operate it! Not only does it offer easy comfort, but the 402W Oroblanco also boasts a five star base and a multitude of colors so users can pick the upholstery they like best. Although, the favorite feature of this versatile desk chair usually ends up being the price tag!

Next up is a chair that's perfect for anyone who loves to accessorize! The mindset behind the Spree chair by Global is that if you choose the components, you'll know what the chair can do! By allowing users to choose the color, back, and base, Global is offering the opportunity for users to get more in-tune with their office chair. The custom design also comes with ergonomic features that run on a sort of autopilot design - so users have very little to do for their comfort. The chair includes a wrapping lumbar support, sliding seat and recliner, and seat depth adjustment at the touch of a button. Offered fro an unbeatable price, it's no wonder the 6040 ergonomic Spree chair is so popular!

Speaking of unbeatable prices, let's take a look at the MF2000BLK Astra chair by Eurotech. Comfortable, stylish, and affordable, the Astra provides all the basic ergonomic features to ensure maximum comfort. Synchro-tilt tension, tilt locks, adjustable arms, and a waterfall seat offer everything the average user needs to stay comfortable with very little effort. With a Greenguard Certification, this environmentally safe office chair even goes the extra mile to ensure users aren't breathing in any heavy chemicals after it arrives in the office. Priced far below models of similar quality, the Astra chair by Eurotech is a hit on all sixes!

Anyone seeking a little extra flair in the workplace ought never to overlook Woodstock Marketing as an option. Getting that designer style without that demanding designer label is easy with the Ravi office chair by Woodstock! Boasting a stellar mesh back and a groovy red seat, this chair shares futuristic looks without the futuristic gadgetry. Buyers instead get a user-friendly design that looks as good as it feels. Take advantage of the breathable mesh back, synchro tilt controls, and pneumatic height adjustment today, and never have to worry about being tech savvy again!

Finally, we leave you with the 6496-4 Sizzle chair by Global. The secret to this chair's comfort is all in the ergonomic shape! Dramatic sweeping curves and elasticized fabric combine, providing all-day comfort without the user having to break out the manual. With the Sizzle, users can enjoy the benefits of comfortably padded cushions, a modern mesh back, and even an adjustable headrest. Choose from your favorite of more than ten dazzling upholstery colors, and watch this user friendly ergo chair enliven your workplace!

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