Monday, April 6, 2015

Powered Office Furniture Solutions of 2015

Powered office furniture is taking businesses by storm! The ability to improve efficiency, productivity, and overall performance is simply to great to pass up. In today's post we'll take a look at 2015's best powered office furniture solutions. Enjoy!

Powered Conference Table
The powered furniture craze started in the conference room. Powered conference room tables are rapidly becoming the industry standard. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries have all introduced high tech conference tables that can be equipped with customizable power ports with HDMI, Audio, Phone, and other advanced inputs. Rest assured, a powered conference table will streamline your meetings and make your presentations a breeze! Tables like those from the Global Zira collection should be highly considered for any conference room makeover project.

Powered Training Room TablesIf you're looking to improve training room performance, powered tables will certainly help your cause! Mayline's Sync tables can be daisy-chained together and plugged in at a centrally located outlet. Training room visitors will have the ability to plug in devices, operate laptops, and utilize tables effectively without hassle. Top of the line training tables can even be outfitted with individual power modules that offer plug and play capabilities! No matter the tables you choose for your training room, add a few modules to keep things running smoothly.

Powered WorkstationsAs traditional panel furniture and cubicle configurations are rapidly being replaced by modern open desking layouts, the power readiness of these cutting edge workstations has contributed majorly to this movement. Open desking configurations can be outfitted with cutting edge surface modules that allow users to plug devices directly into the work surface or side walls. No more trips underneath the desk to route wires and turn on the computer!

Height Adjustable Desk
Even stand alone office desks can be configured with surface power ports! Workstations like those from the Mayline e5 collection are incredibly advanced and ready to take your office performance to the next level. In addition, height adjustable ergonomic desks are trending in 2015. The ability to quickly raise and lower your workstation at the touch of a button will promote continuous movement, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow.

Powered Lounge Chair
This year, furniture manufacturers like OFM decided to shake things up by introducing powered lounge and lobby furniture solutions. Lounge chairs like the Serenity are ready to improve the waiting experience of your guests in a hurry! The Serenity features a user friendly arm panel with
USB and AC inputs. They are also ready to accommodate users up to 500 pounds. Now that's heavy duty technology!

Symmetry Office Isle Power Tower
If you're feeling bummed because you've purchased new furniture and it's not powered, don't fret! Portable power towers are available to help you achieve the same great benefits. Units like the all new Isle from Symmetry Office can be purchased for around $700. These handy stations work great in lounge, lobby, training room, and boardroom environments. Simply move your Isle power tower from room to room as needed. These stations come equipped with USB and AC inputs, as well as a 108" cord. Rest assured, these techy office tools are super cool!
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