Monday, May 11, 2015

8 Awesome Ways To Get Ergofied In 2015!

Going ergonomic is just plain smart! The ability to improve workplace performance, comfort, and versatility is simply too good to pass up. While we've all heard the word thrown around the workplace, it's time to start applying the benefits associated with it. In today's post we'll share awesome ways to get you ergofied in 2015. Enjoy!

1.) Improve Posture

Posture At Work

If you're hunching, slouching, or leaning over your work surface is time for a change! Be sure to keep your back in contact with your chair at all times. Align your desk and chair properly to avoid over extending your extremities and operating ineffectively. Proper posture will promote good blood flow, reduce fatigue, and improve your performance. Place a posture chart with handy reminders around your work surface to ensure you keep up the good habits and leave the bad ones in your ergonomic wake!

2.) Get To Know Your Chair

Ergonomic Chair

Are you and your chair good friends? You should be! As office comfort starts with your chair, it's essential to master it's features and benefits. If you've recently purchased a new chair, be sure to study the manual and check out demo videos online. Don't be afraid to test out all the functions! If you've got an older chair, show it some love! Do a basic maintenance to tighten screws and oil mechanisms. Don't settle for squeaks and wobbles. Those are your chair's cries for help. Remember, the office chair is only as good as it's owner.

3.) Standing Height Desks

If you're fighting fatigue, back pain, or cramps when operating at your desk, it may be time for an upgrade. In 2015 standing desks are the hottest trend. Models from the Global Total Office Foli collection and Mayline VariTask collection have taken the ergonomic world by storm. Standing height desks promote continuous movement in the workplace and improve blood flow. Whether you're upgrading your private office, guest welcoming area, or home workspace, height adjustable ergonomic workstations are a must consider. This is one trend that's sure to be booming for years and years.

4.) Deskercise


You read it right, deskercise. The practice of exercising at your desk! Check out the awesome videos with deskercise ideas online. Tons of great stretches and workout routines can be incorporated into your work day to keep you healthy. Deskercise is fun and really addicting. You'll have your coworkers on board and hooked in no time. While we're not suggesting you drop you gym membership, avoid sitting for lengthy stretches and shake things up with a few simple deskercises throughout your day!

5.) Monitor Arms

Monitor Arm

Ergonomic monitor arms are rapidly becoming an industry standard. If you're still working with your computer screen mounted to it's factory base, you're missing out on a ton of ergo opportunities. Single and dual screen monitor arms can be purchased for under two hundred bucks to greatly improve your work day. A monitor arm will instantly increase your usable desk space while simultaneously improving the rate at which you compute. The incredible adjustability of monitor arms has made them a must have for any professional work environment.

6.) Sit To Stand Keyboard Trays

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

Can't afford a swanky new standing height desk? A sit to stand keyboard tray is the next best thing! While traditional articulating keyboard trays have made their ergonomic mark in years passed, sit to stand models are taking over. While a basic retractable keyboard tray is good, sit to stand models are great. Provide your space with improved functionality and versatility without spending a fortune. Add a sit to stand keyboard tray today.

7.) CPU Holders

CPU Holder

Stop crawling under your desk to turn on your computer, route wires, and plug in devices. A CPU holder can save your back and valuable time throughout the day. These handy ergonomic tools mount directly underneath your desk work surface on a track system that's super easy to install. When you need your CPU, simply slide it forward and swivel it into position. When you don't need it, slide it back on the track and enjoy lots of extra leg room. No more banging your knees on the CPU!

8.) Research The Trends

Tablet Mounts

Last but certainly not least, you'll want to follow the ergonomic trends throughout the years. Ergonomic blogs provide a ton of great tips and helpful info that will keep you operating at peak performance levels. New products are being introduced regularly to improve the way to work. From surface level power modules to innovative new tablet chairs, 2015 has been an exciting year for ergonomics. We can't wait to see what's next! Never settle for discomfort in the workplace. Take the necessary steps to ensure you are working healthy and at your best.
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