Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Are You Computing Correctly?

Computing isn't all about cyber know-how. It's also about proper maintenance - and the computer is only as good as it's user. In the modern workplace, computers are a regular fixture, so it's important to know how to keep both yourself and your computer running smoothly. That's why, in today's article, we're sharing plenty of ergonomic and cyber tips to help you compute correctly!


Anyone whose ever fallen asleep at their desk knows how difficult it can be to stay focused and comfortable in the office. That's why we recommend stretching as our first tip! Taking periodic stretch breaks not only wakes you up and keeps you focused, but it's also extremely healthful. Don't be afraid use ergonomic task chairs as exercise equipment. The internet is filled with plenty of office-friendly exercises enliven your work day. Plus, stretching also keeps you limber and helps reduce pain, so you can always say it's for medicinal reasons if coworkers give you weird looks!

Flex Those Abs

Bad posture is one of the worst causes of office related pain known to man, with slouching being the number one culprit. Of course, it's hard to keep your torso upright for eight hours a day, but thankfully, it's nothing a few good workouts can't fix. At home (or at the gym), remember to tone that core with plenty of crunches and pushups. Your abdominal muscles are the key to good posture because they are what helps support the spine. Work good posture into your daily routine by tying your shoulders to your office chair or investing in sit to stand desks for a more healthful work style.

Get Adjusted

One of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of computing is the physical relationship between the user and their workstation. Before anyone touches that keyboard, take the time to research and accurately adjust desks and workstations to the proper positions for each user. Most desks and chairs with modern design will provide plenty of adjustable ergonomic features. Ideally, the body needs to be a series of right angles. Start with the chair, making sure your knees bend at 90 degrees, with your feet flat on the floor to avoid stressing the legs. The elbows should be bent at 90 degrees, with the wrists and hands parallel to the forearms - the desk height needs to be adjusted to your hands, not the other way around. And finally, the back should be upright in it's natural S-shape, with the lumbar gently cradled by your office chair.

Cyber Cleaning

Finally, we can begin computing! But first, every computer user should become familiar with computer maintenance procedures. Just like the human body, computers will become slow and tired without proper care and plenty of sleep. Take the time once a week to clear caches, empty the digital recycle bin, and run a virus scan to ensure your computer is healthy. At the end of every work day, be sure to turn off your computer or set it to "sleep." This allows the computer time to reboot and rid itself of malware. The extra effort will help your computer to run much faster!

Eye Exam

Now that you're ready for computation, it's important to remember some personal maintenance tips as you work. In addition to periodic stretching to relieve tension, it's also important to rest your eyes. Computer-related eye strain is a very common problem in the workplace. Viewing a computer in an overly dark or bright room, or without corrective lenses, can force the eyes to work harder, leading to headaches and poor vision health. Ergonomic monitor arms reduce pain not just in the eyes, but also in the body if you are leaning forward to see the screen. A properly adjusted computer monitor should be arm's length away from the face, at eye level when the person is sitting upright and face-forward. And lastly, take visual breaks. A short glance at something 20 feet away from you for 15 seconds should be enough to rest your eyes for another work session!

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