Friday, May 1, 2015

Chair of The Week: Eduskate by Eurotech Seating

Eduskate Tablet ChairReady for something new? Looking for something innovative? You'll love the new Eduskate chair by Eurotech Seating! Practically an office on wheels, the Eduskate can do it all! In today's post we'll review these super cool new chairs and their benefits. Enjoy!


The Eduskate offers a distinctive, modern look that's sure to impress. If you're looking for wow factor, you've found it. The Eduskate is like nothing you've ever seen. With it's mobilized base, contemporary curves, and close attention to detail, these new chairs from Eurotech are nothing short of outstanding. Upon closer inspection of the Eudskate you'll notice the chair has no hard edges or right angles. This was done to provide a more approachable look and enhanced modern design.


Eduskate Chair - Side ViewEurotech designed the Eduskate to be a personal workspace for learning. It's easy to picture these swanky no ergonomic seating solutions in professional training areas, boardrooms, and even classrooms. The ample dimensions make this workstation on wheels comfortable for most all users and the outstanding features ensure a functional operating experience. We feel the Eduskate will find the most success in collaborative work environments.


The Eduskate offers far more than modern appeal! These new chairs are outfitted with a ton of cool ergonomic features that will have you operating more efficiently in no time. Standard features like an elastic mesh seat and back, soft padded arms, retractable tablet arm, and adjustable lumbar support will have you sitting pretty! The integrated cup holder and easy access book storage space are also nice additions that further improve the versatility of the Eduskate.

Eurotech Eduskate White and Black Personal WorkstationPrice: 

You can pick up an Eduskate chair for $450.00 in 2015. At this price point, we think the Eduskate is an excellent buy. With a slew of awesome features, high end appeal, and cutting edge design characteristics the Eduskate is without a doubt the coolest new tablet chair on the market. Shoppers can choose from the all black Eduskate or two tone white on black model (our personal favorite).

Final Thoughts:

We give Eurotech and their new Eduskate chair 5 stars. It's hard to criticize anything this new and innovative! You have to give credit to Eurotech for pushing the envelope and making us all rethink what a chair can really be. The Eduskate is smart, functional, and super comfortable. While it will probably take awhile for the personal workstation chair trend to hit full stride, Eurotech has definitely put the ball in motion. Give the Eduskate a try today. We feel you'll be impressed!
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