Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Functionality + Comfort = Ergonomic!

Want to go ergo? You'll need to combine functionality and comfort! These two essential elements of workplace versatility work together to create out of this world ergonomic interiors. In today's post we'll showcase awesome office products that do just that. Enjoy!

Sit To Stand Office FurnitureSit to stand office desks are the latest ergonomic craze. That being said, we naturally decided to kick today's article off by highlighting the super cool sit to stand workstations available in 2015! This year brands like ESI and Global Total Office have introduced cool new workstations that adjust up and down electronically. These versatile stations encourage continuos movement and improve blood flow. If you want to improve functional and comfort, an adjustable height desk may be the perfect solution for you!

Articulating Keyboard Tray
In recent years, a simple keyboard tray that simply slid underneath your desk surface would of been acceptable. However, as ergonomic technology has reached new heights, the classic keyboard tray has been drastically improved. Articulating computer keyboard trays have now become the industry standard. These adjustable units allow users to change the angle and height at which they compute. This creates improved functionality, improved comfort while typing, and a lot more ergonomic benefits you can't afford to miss!

Adjustable CPU HolderStill venturing under your desk to route wires and plug in devices? Ouch! These trips are no fun for you or your back. Luckily, they can be avoided! If you're looking to skip the sea of crumbs and candy wrappers that are no doubt waiting for you during your adventures underneath the desk, it's time to incorporate a CPU holder. Available for under a hundred and fifty bucks, a CPU holder is a modern must have for any space. These handy devices mount directly underneath desk surfaces on retractable tracks that allow them to be quickly accessed when needed, and slid back out of the way when not. This means, no more banging your knees on your CPU when computing, and no more straining your back to plug in your phone for a quick charge.

Drifter Portable Power Module
Where have you been all our lives? Power modules are revolutionizing the way we work! Much like HD televisions, power modules where once considered luxury items that were overly expensive. As the demand increased, more and more top manufacturers hopped on board and brought the price point down to a more reasonable level! Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries all offer excellent conference room table models that can be equipped with factory installed power modules designed to improve meeting performance and efficiency. Already have your conference table? No problem! Check out awesome power solutions like the ISLE and Drifter modules from Symmetry Office. These units can be moved from room to room as needed, when needed!

Single Screen Monitor ArmDon't settle for the fixed base monitor stand that came with your computer. If you want to up your ergonomic credentials, you've got to incorporate an adjustable monitor arm into your workspace. Single and dual screen mounting systems are the most popular. However, computer monitor arms that hold up to 12 screens are now available on the market. This tells us that users are tired of clicking between tabs and closing out screens repeatedly throughout the work day! A monitor arm will instantly increase your usable desk space while proving you with limitless adjustment capabilities. Maximize your work day by adding a monitor arm. You'll be glad you did!
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