Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Good Habits Are Your Best Office Assets!

Form Good Habits At Work
To reach peak performance levels in the office, we must form good habits! From eating healthy to practicing good posture tips, following a good daily routine with superior accuracy will ensure personal productivity. In today's post we'll highlight the 4 key habit areas to focus on to help you operate at your best. Enjoy!


A good work day starts with a good nights rest. We all need a solid 8 hours to make it through the work day without suffering from fatigue. While we might be able to start strong out of the gate with minimal rest, maintaining a high performance level is incredibly difficult. Create a structured sleep plan by setting a reasonable bed time. Don't stay up all night watching movies and eating junk food! Get to bed early enough to ensure you're up with plenty of time to get ready for work. No more rushing out the door and starting your work day at a frantic pace. Commit to good sleep habits and reap the daily rewards!


Now it's time to start eating healthy! Breakfeast is yet another key pillar of every solid work day. Jump start your metabolism every day with a healthy breakfast. If you're limited on time, a piece of fruit, yogurt, or healthy muffin is better than nothing! Save the bacon, eggs, and pancakes with syrup for the weekend! During the week, eating healthy will provide you with the energy you need to make it through those long days at the office. Forming good breakfast habits is an absolute must. This asset offers too many benefits to pass up.

In addition to eating a healthy breakfast, don't set your work day back by pounding down a cheese burger and fries at lunch. Consider a healthy wrap, salad, or a little something on the lighter side. If you can, squeeze in a piece of fruit to boost your energy levels and go light on the condiments! We've all dealt with that mid day groggy feeling that comes from over eating at lunch time. Put good habits in place to avoid these dreadful productivity attacks!


Did you know that sitting for extended periods of time can actually shorten your lifespan. A staggering amount of workers report major health problems, aches, and pains that are directly related to sitting incorrectly each year. This tells us that it's time to form some good posture habits! Start by synchronizing your office chair and workstation. Set the height of your chair to keep your desk surface just above the naval. Next, adjust your chair arms to ensure you are operating at the correct computing position. 

Once your chair and desk are synchronized, it's time to start putting your chair's ergonomic attributes to good use. Most all computer chairs manufactured after 1990 claim to be ergo friendly in one way or another. While not all chairs are created equal, it's highly likely that your chair is outfitted with at least a few user friendly features that can be used as assets throughout your workday. Master the mechanism located underneath the seat of your office chair. This is will ensure you are ready to find the optimal operating position at a moments notice!

Studies have shown that workers who place posture tips and ergonomic reminders around their workstation report signs of improved comfort. Let's highlight a few good posture tips to get you started on the path to sitting successfully! 
  • Keep back in contact with chair at all times
  • Avoid over reaching
  • Don't cross legs
  • Keep feet flat on ground
  • Stand up and stretch once every hour
  • Use ergonomic tools (monitor arms, foot rests, etc.)

The last key office habit area you'll need to focus on is organization! You can't very well operate at your best if you're sitting in a mess workstation. Before you leave work every day, be sure to take 10 minutes to reorganize your workstation. This will ensure you don't start the following day dealing with a mess. If you work in a shared space, try posting reminders to get your team involved. While this is typically easier said than done, it's better than nothing! 

Be sure to utilize the organizational tools at your disposal. All too often workers leave files and important documents strewn across the office and fail to make use of the overhead storage hutch, file cabinet, or desk pedestal that's less than an arms length away. You can label the outsides of your cabinets and list the contents so you know just where to find everything you need. If the contents of your cabinets are always changing, consider using a dry erase board! 

Keep your personal belongings in a secure place that's close by. Typically, a desk pedestal will do the trick. Be sure to attach the key to your keyring, or keep it some place safe. Sadly, too many workers leave those keys in the the lock! In the long run, organization will make a huge different in productivity. This key asset can make or break your work day. Form the good habits needed to maintain a functional, versatile, and well organized office interior!
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