Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Healthiest Whole Food Snacks for Work

Swimsuit season is almost here, but who says you can't slim down at the office? Eating right is one of the keys to leading a healthy, happy lifestyle, but finding work-friendly isn't as easy as it sounds. That's why we're offering up a few awesome whole-food snacks for you to munch on. These yummy treats are great by themselves or as an ingredient, and the offer tons of benefits to keep you focused at the office!

Mixed Nuts

Trail mixes and mixed nuts are wonderfully filling work snacks. However, depending on your work needs, certain nuts may work better than others. For example, pecans and macadamia nuts are healthy, but have a high caloric content, and should be eaten in moderation. Cashews, pistachios, and almonds are great low-calorie nuts. Pistachios make an excellent cubicle companion because they help in weight moderation and digestion, which is especially good for distracted munchers. Walnuts are also perfect snacks to eat at the office desks, because they improve focus and brain power.

* Bonus Tip: Raw is the healthiest way to eat nuts, so make sure none of your snacks have been rolled in oils or too much salt. Because most nuts tend to be fatty, consume them in pre-portioned moderation if you're watching that waistline.


Dry popcorn is actually one of the healthiest snacks around, provided it hasn't been heavily buttered and showered with salt. According to OrganicFacts.net, popcorn had been enjoyed for almost 6,000 years! As a filling food that aids in weight loss and digestion (just like pistachios), popcorn makes an ideal snack to keep at cubicles and workstations in the office. It even helps to lower cholesterol levels, improve blood flow to the brain, and the high B6 content helps cellular communication in the brain as well. No way the boss will disapprove!


Teas have been enjoyed for thousands of years as a way to extract the nutrients from plants and aid the body in overall health. Some of the best teas to consume at the office include green and black teas. Anyone looking for a coffee substitute will benefit greatly from black tea, which offers a little kick of caffeine to keep users upright and awake in those ergonomic office chairs (without many of coffee's drawbacks). According to WebMD, green tea is adept at preventing multiple types of cancers and neurological disorders, like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Green also improves cholesterol, burns fat, and counteracts oxidative stress on the brain - the perfect beverage for a wrung-out office employee!

* Bonus Tip: Water is super important for office employees, as staying hydrated can improve focus and help eliminate headaches. Whether you go with water or tea, a nice lemon wedge makes the ideal accompaniment for improving focus and wakefulness at work!


Tasty, affordable, and totally mixable for yogurt, ice cream, and smoothies, bananas are becoming an office staple! Their high levels of tryptophan can help enliven even the most depressed office employees. The Vitamin A found in bananas is also great for office workers staring at computer monitor mounts all day. They also help high tech office chairs in guarding against poor blood flow by helping to lower blood pressure. Bananas can even help alleviate stomach cramps! This, along with a whole host of other benefits are helping to make the banana a go-to food for the office!

* Bonus Tip: Bananas eaten raw or with yogurt make a great work breakfast. But frozen bananas, drizzled with a bit of dark chocolate also make an easy, healthful work snack, rich in antioxidants, to satisfy your sweet tooth!


WebMD accredits avocados with being a nutrient all-star. Not only do they offer nearly 20 different vitamins, but the potassium and lutein the offer helps to control blood pressure and eye health. Now, many will tell you that avocados are high in fat, and they are, but eat them in moderation, and the "good" monounsaturated fat they are filled with helps to lower cholesterol. At work, slice a few avocados to dress up a lean fish sandwich, or mash 'em up with some lime and tomato for health-friendly guacamole that's great with whole wheat crackers, chips, or cucumbers. Avocados offer brain power that will keep you from falling asleep on the conference tables at that super important meeting!

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