Friday, May 22, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: iDesk Curva Seating by Cherryman Industries

iDesk Curva Chair
Today we'll be reviewing the all new Curva seating series from Cherryman's popular iDesk collection. These awesome new office chairs offer high end appeal and provide a ton of great features designed to improve comfort in the workplace. Let's take an in-depth look at these trending new chairs!


It's hard to miss the swanky modern design characteristics of the new Curva chairs. With a blend of mesh, leather, and metal tones, Curva has a little something for everybody. The sleek design saves space and falls directly inline with many of the hot European chair trends of 2015. These chairs are can easily be classified as modern or contemporary. They were no doubt designed for wow factor. Rest assured, the Curva chair is ready to impress even the harshest critics.

Curva Chair - Side View

The iDesk Curva chair collection was introduced with both high back and mid back models. The high back Curva chair features a leather headrest and mesh back design. The mid back curve chair lacks the leather head rest but is slightly less expensive. Both models are available in a choice of brushed aluminum or metallic black frame finish options.


The Curva works great in a variety of office environments. The sleek design characteristics make both the high back and mid back Curva chair models a no-brainer for modern conference room seating needs. The high back Curva makes a great fit for executive office applications while the mid back Curva offers a comfortable tasking solution that's sure to provide users with the support features needed to make it through long days at the office.

Mid Back Curva Chair

Curva swivel chairs offer far more than just good looks! These new seating solutions from Cherryman pack an ergonomic punch. Both the high back and mid back Curva chairs come standard with a back structure design that forms a natural lumbar support, as well as an advanced seat mechanism that boasts an offset recline pivot with central tension adjustment. The side mounted lock lever offers a user friendly touch while the wide 5 star base provides stability.


Cherryman Curva ChairThe mid back Curva chair with black metallic frame is available for $427.00. The brushed aluminum mid back model is slightly more expensive at $633.50. This high back Curva chair with black metallic frame is $539.50, while the brushed aluminum upgrade will set you back $633.50.

Final Thoughts:

We give the new Curva seating collection 4 out of 5 stars. In terms of criticisms, we'd like to see an adjustable arm option. It would make these chairs a better option or everyday computing applications. In addition, we feel the price is a bit high. That being said, the Curva chairs are extremely well made and very cutting edge. If you want the absolute best office chairs for your conference room, the Curva is it! The quality craftsmanship and attention to detail has the Curva line poised for success in 2015.
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