Friday, May 29, 2015

Office Design Advice: Maximizing Wall Space

Any good architect will tell you, the best way to maximize space is to build up rather than out. In the office, square footage can become pretty limited. Trying to find the best way to make use of that limited space may seem like a daunting challenge, but don't fret. In today's article, we're sharing our favorite space saving secrets to help you win the most from your workplace, from floor to ceiling!

The Big Pictures

If you work in an office building, sometimes a scenic view can be hard to come by. But whether you work at home or in a skyscraper, wall art is one of the best ways to showcase your business and jazz up the office for guests! Any kind of art helps to open up the space in a solid-painted room by making things seem bigger than a blank wall.
Photographs are one of the most popular choices, particularly for windowless places, because they help to provide a sense of escape, like a window that reduces claustrophobia. Produced artwork is another popular choice because it offers a wide array of options for designers. With painted pictures, stencils, or abstracts, business owners may select pieces that match the interior of the room, showcase company colors, or illustrate the company motto. Either way, your office guests are bound to be dazzled!

Wall Hutches

For all the places where paintings don't go, wall hutches are an ideal space-filler. Not only that, but they also serve a useful purpose! Wall hutches provide storage for all the extra trimmings an office needs to function. Copy paper, sticky-note stacks, tape rolls, calculators, spare light bulbs - they all fit easily into hutches and office storage units. But don't stop there! Adding filing cabinets and bookshelves can also provide much needed vertical storage that won't eat up your floor space. Your office will be clutter-free in no time!

Presentation Boards

With massive tables and an army of chairs in the way, conference tables can be one of the most difficult rooms to work in. Most office boardrooms are limited solely to discussion and powerpoint projection. However, there is an easy way to turn any conference room into a sanctuary for sharing ideas. Adding office presentation boards to a workplace frees visionaries to share as fast as they can think. They also provide excellent impromptu drawing canvases, notepads, message boards, and so much more. Many of the best office furniture brands design presentation boards with closable doors for discreetness and security. Cork panels and magnetized dry-erase walls are just a few extra bonus features that make these all-in-one boards a must have office tool!


Remember how we talked about paintings providing windows to the outside world? Well, those that want a little extra will certainly appreciate pictures that move! Televisions are becoming one of the most commonly used office tools for guest entertainment. Ideal as an addition to lobby and waiting room furniture, flatscreen televisions do not take up much space. Pediatricians, dentists, and offices with long customer wait times find them invaluable, serving a purpose without taking up space. Prop them up on flatscreen TV mounts to mesmerize your patients and guests!


And last but not least, we leave you with the oldest trick in the book to maximize your wall space - lighting! Back in the day, architects used clever design to expand the daylight and brighten up the gothic cathedrals of ancient Europe, making them seem all the more massive. Today, designers use the same light tricks to maximize the space in offices through optical illusion. Whether you have fancy lighting fixtures, windows, or affordable desk lamps, plentiful dramatic lighting still remains one of the best ways to fool the eye into thinking a space is bigger. So if your office feels cramped and clustered, don't be afraid to "let there be light!"

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